Wednesday, October 10, 2012

-kcwc day three-

Leila and Ben Vest

Leila and Ben vest.  A free pattern you can find here.  I made the size three for my 2 1/2 year old.  It fits just right, and he is pretty small for his age.  So I would make sure to size up.

Leila and Ben Vest

blue corduroy (leftover from a coat I made three years ago) and tiny elephants in gray (Japanese fabric) leftover from this quilt.  Button is vintage.

Leila and Ben Vest

This is a fun, quick sew.  I had just enough of the corduroy to make this, and I cut one side out wrong (again!).  Argh.  So, my husband, who now considers himself a fashion expert *cough, cough* because he has been watching Project Runway with me this season, suggested I cut it crosswise to make it avant-garde.  I don't know if avant-garde is exactly the term I would use, but it still turned out cute!  It also only requires one buttonhole!  Yipee.  I have the worse luck with buttonholes.  Something always seems to go wrong, but this one went in with only slight problems.  

My model wasn't the most cooperative.  I have plans to make him some little matching pants, so I hope to get a better picture of this vest later!

Up next: baby shoes!

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  1. awesome! i printed out this pattern but haven't made it yet. i was considering adding a couple extra buttons, but i know what you mean about buttonholes. so nerve-wracking. love the color on this vest!

  2. I love husband's suggestions--mine is famous for them--mostly good too!


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