Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Favorite Bag Pattern

My favorite pattern of all time is Pink Chalk Studio's Mail Sack Pattern. This is a large sling bag that carries everything, and I love the fact that you don't have to worry about it falling off your shoulder. (Something that I find happens often while trying to carry two little ones.)

The pattern itself it very well written. Just enough description so you know what she is talking about, but not too wordy that you get lost with what you are even doing.

I have made so many of these bags that I have lost count, and I always get compliments on mine. (The green one in Garden Party fabric by Anna Maria Horner.) She recommends that you use home dec fabric for the outside and quilting cotton on the inside, but I have used quilting cotton for the outside just making sure to interface and that also works well.

There is a zippered pocket and a large slip pocket on the other side that both come in very handy, and she has good instructions for doing the zipper. She recommends using a glue stick on the zipper to help it stay put, and it works really well!


There really isn't anything bad about this pattern. It turns out a fabulous bag again and again. The only thing I would change is her instructions for how big to make the slot for the zipper. I think it is about 1/4" too big.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a great bag (This one is great for trips or even for a school bag!) Get it. You won't regret it.

This was the first pattern that I carried in my shop I love it so much.


  1. found your blog from sew mama sew. i love all of the stuff you're sewing. - thanks for the bag suggestion. i've been on the hunt for a good bag that works for a mom w/ a 4 year old and a wild 2 year old!

  2. I recently bought this pattern & made the smaller version. I made mine out of fabrics that aren't nearly as stunning as those shown here... but I get SO many compliments on this purse! I love it and plan to make more for gifts.

  3. These are so cute. I've yet to make a bag but am always on the hunt for the perfect pattern to inspire me. This looks like a great possibility! Love the fabrics. :)
    Thanks for becoming a follower of mine- so happy to return the favor!

  4. Just found you via a google search, awesome!


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