Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How the craziness began...

It was Amy Butler. I swear. She got me addicted. I had taken a sewing class and liked it, but it wasn't until I tried an Amy Butler that I fell in love. It started with the Frenchy Bag- well, three Frenchy Bags. Then I found the Sophia Carry-All, and what you see to the left is what I came up with after only sewing for a couple of months. Pretty good- if I do say so myself.

This began my love for all the great indie patterns out there. The directions were clear and the end products were so beautiful Then I started an etsy shop a couple of months ago carrying all sorts of lovely patterns and some handmade creations of my own. But it isn't my fault- its Amy's!


  1. nice staff really cool so you also sell this?

  2. I made her Birdie Sling. It was fun and pretty easy. It took me six months of having the pattern to get over my fear of trying to make something other than a quilt. Now I'm making Gianna a dress. But you're way more prolific than I am. You turn it out, girl.


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