Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Pillows and Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway!  

The winners are #111- TZel
#144- Briana Arlene!

I have sent you both an email!

Berns-  If you are reading this...go no further!  Not until after Christmas. ;0)

I finished my last Christmas present up the other day!  Yay!  (Well, I would also like to finish Josiah's quilt for Christmas, but I am not going to stress if it doesn't happen.  He is a forgiving baby. ;0p)  I got a bunch of French General scraps from my local quilt shop.  I really love a lot of their prints.  My brother just made his wife a window seat, and my mom made her a slip cover for the bench.  However, she still needed pillows, and I immediately thought of these scraps.   This first one is my favorite.  I cut some different sized sqaures and framed them.  I think just quilted it lightly around the squares.

For the other "main" pillow I made a patchwork pillow using the Summerhouse Pillows pattern.  I love how easy her method is, and I have made several of these.  I quilted this one to by just quilting along the sides of the squares.

I also made a couple of smaller pillows out of this fun Japanese linen blend by Lecien.  

 Here they are all together.  It has been rainy the past couple of days, so lighting has been bad.  I made two of the kitchen pillows but only had one form to fill it.  I think they all go nicely together though.  I love making pillows.  Such a satisfying way of jazzing things up.

I hope everyone is having a blessed Advent!  I finished my shopping last night!  No way I want to go to the stores this weekend.  Now I just have to wrap them all!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Giveaway Day!

Welcome Sew, Mama, Sew readers! Please feel free to browse! Thanks for stopping by!

Today I giving away four patterns to two lucky people!  

One person will get the Green Living Tote Pattern and the Little Belle Skirts pattern.  These both are patterns that I carry in my shop.  I am trying to clearance out all my patterns, so please stop by and have a looksie.  All  patterns in the shop are 40% off!

I will also be giving away the patterns to these two wonderful dress patterns by Colette patterns, The Parfait Dress and The Macaron Dress, to another lucky person!

Comments are closed!  Winner to be announced!

To Enter: 
1) Please leave me a comment about which set of patterns you would enjoy most!
2) If you would like an extra chance to win, please become a follower and leave a second comment!

This giveaway is limited to US residents!  (Nothing against international buddies, the post office line is just getting so long! I love using online shipping!)  You have until Dec 17th to enter!  Good luck and Merry Christmas!


I finished these cute coats a couple of weeks ago, but it just hasn't been cold enough to even wear them.  It seems like fall is just starting to hit us now.  I was inspired to make this coat after seeing From An Igloo's Sew-A-Long.  It is the Stylish Kids Double Breasted Coat Pattern from Dear My Kids, a PDF pattern store on Etsy.  This pattern is excellent.  Very professionally done. The first version she sent me didn't have seam allowances, but she updated the pattern to include seam allowances which definitely a plus to me.  One less step!  I didn't modify the pattern at all, and the sizes seem pretty true to size for my girls.  The only thing I would have probably done differently is add interfacing to the collar as it seems a little floppy.

I used pink and blue corduroy for the outside of the coat and lined them with some flannel from the Bliss fabric line.  I love the flannel.  It so, so soft.  The girls had already worn these coats all day before I got to take pictures so that is why they are all wrinkly!

The required sad face.

Silly faces!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am getting the sewing groove back on.  I finished some coats for the girls a little while ago, but haven't had the chance to get some photos of them yet.  We really don't even need jackets right now here in California.  (Sorry to all your poor suffering people elsewhere! ;0p)  Here are some wallets for all the teachers and my husband's secretary.  Add some little Starbucks gift cards, and we are good to go!

I really love the style of these wallets, and I found that it fits my phone and the camera quite nicely.  So you could also use this as a case for those as well.

I love how the fabric lined up so well on this wallet.  This pattern is by Keyka Lou.  Check out the side bar  over there at the top <-----------.  I haven't made a pattern of hers in a long time, but they have never disappointed.  The details she adds to her patterns really make her items come out looks crisp and sturdy.

I loved these so much I cut one out for me for my phone.  I used fusible fleece on the outside of mine because I wanted a little more padding to use this for my phone.  I added a button for some style.  Anyways, cute and easy project that is the perfect whip up project.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So it starts...

First, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know we did!  When we came back from our Thanksgiving adventure this awesome little mug rug was waiting for me in the mailbox!  My partner from the Scrappy Mug Swap did an awesome job, and all the little details are just perfect.  I admit to having a hard time putting my mug on it. ;0)

So far, I have made one (just one) present for Christmas.  I embroidered this little cutie onto a pillow case.  These little jump rope friends come from this Japanese book from PinkNelie on Etsy.  I highly recommend this seller for Japanese books.  She has a great selection, reasonable prices, and fast shipping.  

I have lots of plans from Christmas presents, but honestly I am feeling a little craft burn out.  So I am not going to stress about them and instead kick back with my girlies and partake in a little pony tea party...

Sunday, November 21, 2010


It looks like fall is finally upon us!  I love having the opportunity to curl up under a blanket at night and wearing a sweater.  This rainy weather also makes me a bit sleepy, and the kiddos have still not really adjusted to the time change. This leaves me with little desire to sew in the evenings.  So I have been doing a lot more embroidery and crocheting of late.  That way I can watch TV!  Sewing is a lot more active than one might think.  I am always on the floor cutting or hopping up and down between the sewing machine and the ironing board.  I would definitely call it an "active" craft...right, right?

The above girl is from the newest issue of Fat Quarterly by Cathy Gaubert.  She also designed this girl I embroidered a couple of weeks ago.  Isn't she sweet?

I also finished up this swinging girl that I have had mostly done since March!  She is from an embroidery pattern by Aneela Hoey, who has a fabulous new fabric line coming out in the spring for Moda!  I originally thought I would use these two for pillows for the girls, but since one is fall-ish and this one is summer-ish, I am thinking of making a spring one and winter one for a little series.  I am thinking of this girl for spring.  Anyone have an idea for a winter girl?

I also received my hoop from the Scrappy Hoops Swap!  Isn't it so darling?  I received this from Darci of Stitches and Scissors.  She was *my* partner for The Savvy Seasons Swap (the one I made this pillow for). Funny how things like that work out sometimes.  I do love the things she makes!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Girl is Three!

(Making a fishy face.)

My little Felicity is three!  She was so very excited about her birthday.  She has been anticipating it ever since Juliana's birthday, and finally her turn arrived!  She requested a fishy skirt for her birthday outfit.  I made her the Insa Skirt from the book "Sewing Clothes Kids Love".  I got this book back on my birthday.  It has lots of great patterns.  I think I was put off making anything from it because you have to add seam allowances, but it really wasn't that difficult.  (So don't let that deter you!)  I have never made a gored skirt before, and I love the way it falls.  I will definitely be making more variations of this. 

This girls loves horses.  So my mom made her a little cowgirl outfit similar to Jessie's from Toy Story.  Her favorite parts were definitely the boots and hat.  She didn't even want to go outside in case the boots got dirty!

She also got this wonderful peg doll set from her godmother for her birthday.  It is our family!  She loves that it is all of us.  The details on these little dolls are really amazing.  (My husband loves his chest hair.) My dear friend has recently opened a little Etsy shop for these sweet little dolls.  Go take a look: Maids in a Row!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scrappy Mug Rug Swap- The Christmas Edition

This is my last swap project before the holiday season begins!  This sweet little embroidery pattern comes from Fat Quarterly, which is if you haven't heard of it is a fabulous little quilting e-zine!  My partner in this round of the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap left my options pretty open, so I am hoping she likes him.  Inspired by these stars by One Flew Over I also crocheted this little hot pad to go with because made up in white it looks like a little snowflake to me.  I admit I am finding hand sewing and crocheting much more appealing of late.  So much more portable, and you can watch TV doing it!

I also received this lovely little Christmas pillow from my partner in the Savvy Seasons Swap.  Remember I sent this Christmas pillow to my partner.  I just love these little Santa birdies!  It is going to go perfectly in my family room.

Now I am on to birthday sewing for the second little miss!

Also, there are still lots of good patterns left in the shop

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big Pattern Closeout Sale!

Fall is here, and it is time for a change!  I have been running my little etsy shop now for over two years!  I can't believe it has been that long.  While I have enjoyed my time running the pattern shop, I am ready for something a little different.  (The shop won't be closing...I just have plans for something else!)  So, hop on over and take a browse!  I carry lots of fun indie patterns!  Perfect for your holiday sewing!

Plus, if you are in the USA all patterns ship for $2 no matter how many you buy!  International customers- I will try to adjust your shipping costs if I have charged too much!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Little Girl Hoop

Here is my little girl embroidery for the Scrappy Hoops swap.  I think she turned out simple and sweet, and I hope my partner likes her too.  This girl belongs to this little trio. My partner has a very distinctive style.  I am always impressed with people who have such distinct styles.  I feel that I am attracted to such a mish mash of things.  I had something else stitched up, and I really liked it but it just felt too cutesy.  I have other plans for it though that I will be showing you soon.

Last week was busy with Halloween activities and sickness (and more sickness this week...poor kiddos,)  Juliana went as a beautiful bride.  She loves weddings ever since she was a flower girl in two weddings last summer.  She already has her whole future figured out.  She is definitely a "planner".  Felicity was Nemo, and she declared herself "adorable!".  Nemo was definitely the hit.  The fin on top of her head squeaked.  She called it her "squisky".  The baby, of course, went as our little monkey.  The little monkey wants to eat the bride's flowers, I think. ;0p

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boy Sewing

So, I have been doing some boy crafting of late.  Here is the start of Josiah's quilt (finally!).  I am about half way done right now with the blocks, and I am hoping to give it to him for Christmas.  I am using Oh Fransson's Canasta Quilts pattern for this, and love how it coming out so far.  I have learned so much about quilting from her.  Have you seen her book is now out?  Mine is on its way to me!  Can't wait!

We also are starting to get some cooler weather!  Yay!  Bring on the fall.  I made these little pants from Anna Maria Horner's book "Handmade Beginnings".  They turned out super cute.  The pattern was quite easy, and I definitely have some plans for another pair.  I also want to make him this cute little coat!

I also made this little portable car mat for my nephew for his third birthday, so he can take his cars around with him and have a place to play with them.  I basically just cut a half yard of this fabric in half, added some thick interfacing, and added a little car pocket for the "garage".  Super easy.

Here is Felicity testing it out.  Both the girls have been playing with it, and Juliana kept putting her little ponies on it, which made me think it would be fun to make a little farm one or something with castles and rainbows (for the horses and unicorns ;0p).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Fussy Cut Bee Picks

My turn has come up for The Fussy Cut Bee.  My month in November, but I sent them out a little early to give people more time to work on them before the craziness of the holidays sets in.  I have changed my mind several times on what I wanted for my quilt.  I have been on a gray kick for awhile though.  So I decided to go with a color scheme that included gray.  I started out with the two yellow and gray Amy Butler prints you see that I have had for a long time- just waiting for the right project.  I used almost exclusively fabrics from my stash except for the bright pink floral and the little pink elephants that I got from Hawthorne Threads to add a bit more pink to the mix.

I originally thought I would use the large Amy Butler floral as the fussy cut, but I just wasn't feeling it and went with the little elephants instead.  For my block I was inspired by this quilt.  I love log cabin blocks, and I love all the improvisational piecing you can add to these to give a variety of looks.  Here is the gallery of photos I put together for the other members of the bee.  I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Schoolhouse Tunic

Fabric: Rural Jardin Woven by French General

I finished up my Schoolhouse Tunic a couple of days ago.  This pattern was simple and straightforward.   She has really good instructions, and the pattern pieces all went together well.  I spent probably an hour cutting and tracing and two and a half sewing.  I originally made this the "tunic" length, but it was so long!  It was more of a dress on me, and I really didn't want a dress.  I wanted something to wear with pants, so I ended up chopping the bottom part off and making it the shirt length instead.  I made the size 10/12, and I would say it is a good fit.  Definitely, go by the bust size for this pattern.  The only thing I didn't like was how long the placket is.  It went almost all the way down to my belly button! So I decided to hand sew it together about three inches, and I think it looks better on me that way.  

The fabric is a woven by French General that I got from Pink Chalk Fabrics over the summer with this top in mind.  I really like the feel of this fabric.  It is definitely not as stiff as quilting cotton, and I would say it feels more like shirting.  I love how designers are putting out more variety of fabrics out there.  It gives so much more versatility for things like clothing.

Next: some pajama bottoms! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Savvy Seasons!

Okay, so maybe I have become a little obsessed with these fun swaps. I joined the Savvy Seasons Swap. You are supposed to make an item for your partner for whatever season they pick. My partner requested Christmas. She seems like a bright, modern girl, so I went with something a little funky. I loved this tutorial by Oh Fransson. It was fun to piece together, and I really did just use almost exclusively scraps for this pillow. I did make it smaller though. This pillow cover fits about an 18" pillow form. I free motion quilted over it with some fun variegated green thread. Free motion quilting still makes me tense up at first as I start, but I slowly relax as I go along and start to enjoy myself.

This is the back of the pillow. I found this fun Christmas shopping print by Alexander Henry at Joanns. You never know what you will find at Joann's!

In my kitchen towel kick I also made some little matching kitchen towels and included a couple of other little Christmas things for her. Hopefully, she likes it!

Working on little things...

Having been sick with a horrible head cold...I admit to watching a lot of movies at night and not sewing. So, my Schoolhouse tunic is all cut out but not put together yet. I am hoping for some good sewing time at some point this weekend. I find clothes harder to work on in little chunks of time. I lose my focus...and my interest.

So, I present you with a growth chart! I made this awhile back for Juliana's birthday. Maybe it is a five year old thing, but she is absolutely obsessed with how big she is getting. She was making me measure her every day if not multiple times a day. In order to help satisfy her growth checking needs, I made her this. Now she can check herself! I did it "rainbow style" since that is the rage in Juliana-land. It was a pretty quick little project. I got the pattern from Stitch Magazine (I believe it is the Spring 2010 issue.)

The past few days have actually felt like fall. Hurray! So I whipped up these little kitchen towels (I bought these from Target and just embellished.) and trivet to make my kitchen reflect my excitement for cooler weather. ;0)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Shearwater Kaftan

This is my second project for "sewing clothes for me". This is the Shearwater Kaftan pattern by Make it Perfect. I got this pattern at Birch Fabrics (the brick and mortar store of Fabric Worm) over the summer while on vacation. I also got this lovely Nani Iro fabric there. This is probably the prettiest, loveliest fabric I have ever used. It just *feels* so soft. Perfect for a shirt.

This is me after wearing it all afternoon (sorry about the wrinkles!)

The pattern came together really well. I ended up make the size small. My measurements were just a little bit over the size small, but this pattern looked like it had a lot of ease. I didn't want it to be too big. So I added a little to the seam allowance around the bust just to be careful. Otherwise, this pattern was very easy and quick to put together. I made the longest placket on the pattern to give it a more relaxed look, but she also gives you the option of making the placket smaller, if you don't want it to be so long. It also has little tabs you add to the sleeves so you can keep them rolled up, which we definitely need around here seeing as it has been 100 the past couple days!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Barcelona Skirt

My goal for the next two weeks is to make some clothes for me! First off, the Barcelona Skirt. This isn't the first time I have made this skirt. In fact, I think I have already made all three versions of the pattern. (It is a really good pattern.) I would definitely recommend this simple a-line version to a beginner.

I made this version out of some of Amy Butler's August Fields home dec fabric. I originally bought it to make some curtains for my sewing room, but since that room is eventually going to be Josiah's I decided to go with some simple wood blinds instead. So this fabric has been sitting for a year, and I stroked it lovingly every once in a while. Then Amylouwho said she was hosting an Amy Butler Sew and Tell encouraging people to use Amy Butler fabric or one of her patterns that you have had for awhile. This is definitely a Meg fabric. I love these colors, and I am floral person. I try to stay away from the florals and buy smaller prints, but I just. can't. help. myself!

I made the size medium, and it fits pretty well. The invisible zipper on this skirt is actually really invisible! Hah! Don't be afraid of invisible zippers. I actually think that they are easier than regular zippers.

Next on my "clothes for me" list: a Shearwater Kaftan!

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