Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boy Sewing

So, I have been doing some boy crafting of late.  Here is the start of Josiah's quilt (finally!).  I am about half way done right now with the blocks, and I am hoping to give it to him for Christmas.  I am using Oh Fransson's Canasta Quilts pattern for this, and love how it coming out so far.  I have learned so much about quilting from her.  Have you seen her book is now out?  Mine is on its way to me!  Can't wait!

We also are starting to get some cooler weather!  Yay!  Bring on the fall.  I made these little pants from Anna Maria Horner's book "Handmade Beginnings".  They turned out super cute.  The pattern was quite easy, and I definitely have some plans for another pair.  I also want to make him this cute little coat!

I also made this little portable car mat for my nephew for his third birthday, so he can take his cars around with him and have a place to play with them.  I basically just cut a half yard of this fabric in half, added some thick interfacing, and added a little car pocket for the "garage".  Super easy.

Here is Felicity testing it out.  Both the girls have been playing with it, and Juliana kept putting her little ponies on it, which made me think it would be fun to make a little farm one or something with castles and rainbows (for the horses and unicorns ;0p).


  1. Josiah's quilt and pants are both adorable Meg!

  2. I have that pattern to still need to make it though. My book is from amazon who is one of the last to recieve it. If I had known that I would have ordered elswhere. I am still waiting while everyone else is getting it :(

    Looking forward to getting together soon sorry the kids were ill today, I hope they feel better.

  3. Oh! That town fabric is the coolest! I need to find that....

  4. great projects, the pants are too cute. and the quilt looks lovely. I really should make a car play mat, I think my girls would have fun with it (at least for a day or two). :)

  5. oh i like where that quilt is heading!

  6. I love your homemade car mat. Great idea and so simple.

  7. Love the car mat. What is the fabric? : )


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