Thursday, February 28, 2013

-rag quilt-

Boy Rag Quilt

Boy Rag Quilt

Boy Rag Quilt

The Celebrate The Boy posts by Rae and Dana made me think of this little rag quilt made for my newest nephew back in December.  I bought a set of boy fat quarters from the Children at Play line back before whether I knew whether Samantha was a boy or a girl. (I thought she was going to be a boy.)  So, I was just waiting for another baby boy to make his appearance to use this darling fabric.  I decided just to make a simple rag quilt with minky.  I love using minky for baby quilts.  It is so soft and seems to add that perfect soft touch that babies love.  I didn't use any batting in between the layers, so it is a little more like a blanket than a quilt.   Now to finish Samantha's baby quilt now to be her first birthday quilt! ;0) 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

-go anywhere bag-

Go Anywhere Bag

Go Anywhere Bag

Go Anywhere Bag

Go Anywhere Bag

I made myself a new bag!  I love bags.  You should see my closet and how stuffed full of homemade bags it is.  I have even given tons of them away!  Doesn't stop me from making more though. ;0) This is the Go Anywhere Bag by Anna of Noodlehead.  I have had this pattern for a long time, and it was time to get to making it.  I am kind of at the in between state of needing a diaper bag and not.  This is a largeish bag, so I can still stuff in some diapers, nursing cover, and extra set of clothes.   I haven't been buying much fabric of late because well, I haven't been sewing very much, and it is hard justifying buying fabric when I have a whole stash that is waiting for me already.  However, I fell in love with both Architextures and this star fabric from Constellations., and I knew they would go well together in this pattern.  I didn't change much in this pattern except to use flat piping for the edge of the pocket, the back pocket I sewed a line up the middle instead of adding a snap because I feel large pockets often get floppy, and I used fusible fleece for the outside of the bag because I love the soft structure it provides.   I also quilted the main bag pieces because I love the look. The pattern went together quickly, and now I am trying to pick what fabrics to use for her new Divided Basket pattern!  

Friday, February 22, 2013

-knitting helps-


I have been knitting a lot lately.  I got sick back in July.  It was a sinus infection that lasted months.  I recovered from that and then a month later was so sick again.  This time was different.  Stomach pain.  It took me awhile to realize that things weren't going to get better.  In fact, things were getting much worse.  However, I got a diagnosis in January, and got put on medication right away.  I have also had to change my diet quite drastically, and that took a lot of thought into just how I should eat.  While this is a chronic autoimmune disease, I am hoping I will be able to keep the symptoms to a minimum.  

Slowly, I feel like I am getting my life back a little at a time.   I didn't even know how bad things were until I started feeling better.  I think as a mom you just have to keep going, and it wasn't until I got a more official diagnosis that I allowed myself to admit that things weren't going so well.  I feel like I am coming out from a fog, and I feel eager to embrace life again, but also a bit nervous that I will push myself too hard too fast.  I just can't wait to be healthy again!

 For me sewing was taking too much energy, so in the afternoon when I often feel the most tired I get to sit and knit.  God seems to send us little blessings to help us get through rougher times, and it feels a little silly to say but knitting has been that for me.  It gave me the chance to learn and think of something other than how my health was.  It is all about the little things!  


I have also missed being in this space, and I have really missed my regular sewing time.  I am hoping to catch up a bit and share some projects that I have done in the past few months.   

This is my second Millwater!  I loved the first one I made.  I knew I wanted a longer one for me.  I got a couple of Knit Picks gift cards for Christmas, so I picked out yarn for a few projects.  I used their Swish Tonal in Pearlescent.  I love that name!  The color is something in between white and gray, and I love have neutral cowls/scarves to go with different things.  This was a very enjoyable project,  Now  I just hope to get a couple more wears in before spring is officially here!


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