Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some Big Bags...

California was lovely. Warm, warm, warm. It was hard to come back to the cold Midwest.

Even some sewing was accomplished.

This is's new bag pattern- The Highbrow Hobo. This is a fun pattern. It actually was a little more difficult than I anticipated, but well worth the effort. Nice and roomy, and I think the shoulder straps are the perfect length. I love the front pocket. I love, love the pear fabric. Isn't it fun? The bag will be in the shop soon.

This wasn't made by me, but my mom. This is the Paris Traveler Bag made in Timeless Treasure's Taxi fabric. Isn't it awesome? Perfect carry on bag. I do carry this pattern. My mom is my best customer. She always tries out the new patterns.

Friday, February 20, 2009

California here we come...

You have to have a new bag for a trip, right? Trick is to decide what you are going to make. I decided on the Lots of Pockets Tote by Keyka Lou. I love it. It was super easy to make The front pockets look tricky, but it was really quite simple. The only thing I would have changed is interfacing the back part of the pocket. The handles are attached from the pocket, and without interfacing it just doesn't feel as sturdy as it should.

I love these pockets! Perfect for your keys and cell phone.

New reading was also a necessity! I received Heather Ross's "Weekend Sewing" this week. Lots of cute stuff going on here. I am loving this shirt. It looks so comfy.
I think this dress is a must for the spring as well. I can't get my three year old to wear anything other than skirts and dresses (in the freezing cold!!), so I see a lot of skirt and dress sewing in my future.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Clutches and Tea Wallets

I have added a few mini keychain clutches and tea wallets to the shop. I really like these two little sets. I think they would make a great gift.

I love this Taxi fabric and have used it for lots of things. It is amazing how many things you can make sometimes with just some leftover fabric from bigger projects.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Melly and Me patterns are in the shop!

I have been eying these patterns for quite awhile, and I am so excited to be carrying these now in the shop! These are the softie patterns. I love the koala bears and the bees! So cute!

These are the bag patterns. Drool. The Sherbert bag is the first Melly and Me pattern I ever saw. However, I can't seem to take my eyes off the Meadow pattern. I love that they take so little fabric. You could use several fat quarters for a lot of these bags.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I love buttons. I love vintage buttons. There is a lady at the farmer's market who sells her garage sale finds. She has jars and jars of buttons. She has a sign that changes upon her mood. It either says "Everything 50% off!" or "Everything negotiable." *ahem* Her hair also changes every day. However, do not be fooled-this lady is a smooth sales person. She knows what she is doing. She always persuades me to put in just a few more buttons, and she always gets me to spend more than I know I should.

These are some of my favorites in the picture above. I love the bright yellow flower towards the right, the red ones- I love red, and the bright blue floral one screams vintage to me.

My Valentines

My happy baby- in her funky hat. She is always happy too.

She has finished her dinner! Wahoo! Big accomplishment these days. Any tips on getting a three year old to eat?

My ever loving husband.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lovely mail day...

I received more of these patterns for the
shop. Love this pattern and last time it sold out pretty quickly. I love the compactness and pockets on this one. Plus, you can use jelly rolls or scraps for it!

I also got some fun new fabrics from fabricsupplies.I am especially loving the bird fabric on the right. Isn't it sweet?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Feeling the Blahs...

I hate colds. I feel just enough blah to not want to go down to the sewing room and work, but not blah enough not to browse Flickr.

Loving this, this, and this (JC Handmade has a cute free tutorial for this little cuff:

Meanwhile, the tea wallets and mini clutches above sit....and wait.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bag Tutorials on the "To Do" List

Reversible Patchwork Bag by Pink Penguin- Great way to use up scraps!

Mini Messenger Bag by Heart of Mary- I love that she makes this using only fat quarters!

Margaret Sling Bag
by Oh Fransson!- I love the pleat!

Monk's Bag by The Purl Bee - Another sling bag. What can I say I am a sucker.

Reversible Purse on Martha Stewart- These little bags are so cute.

My Favorite Bag Pattern

My favorite pattern of all time is Pink Chalk Studio's Mail Sack Pattern. This is a large sling bag that carries everything, and I love the fact that you don't have to worry about it falling off your shoulder. (Something that I find happens often while trying to carry two little ones.)

The pattern itself it very well written. Just enough description so you know what she is talking about, but not too wordy that you get lost with what you are even doing.

I have made so many of these bags that I have lost count, and I always get compliments on mine. (The green one in Garden Party fabric by Anna Maria Horner.) She recommends that you use home dec fabric for the outside and quilting cotton on the inside, but I have used quilting cotton for the outside just making sure to interface and that also works well.

There is a zippered pocket and a large slip pocket on the other side that both come in very handy, and she has good instructions for doing the zipper. She recommends using a glue stick on the zipper to help it stay put, and it works really well!


There really isn't anything bad about this pattern. It turns out a fabulous bag again and again. The only thing I would change is her instructions for how big to make the slot for the zipper. I think it is about 1/4" too big.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a great bag (This one is great for trips or even for a school bag!) Get it. You won't regret it.

This was the first pattern that I carried in my shop I love it so much.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How the craziness began...

It was Amy Butler. I swear. She got me addicted. I had taken a sewing class and liked it, but it wasn't until I tried an Amy Butler that I fell in love. It started with the Frenchy Bag- well, three Frenchy Bags. Then I found the Sophia Carry-All, and what you see to the left is what I came up with after only sewing for a couple of months. Pretty good- if I do say so myself.

This began my love for all the great indie patterns out there. The directions were clear and the end products were so beautiful Then I started an etsy shop a couple of months ago carrying all sorts of lovely patterns and some handmade creations of my own. But it isn't my fault- its Amy's!
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