Wednesday, January 15, 2014

yarn along

I started a couple of new projects this week because you know one is never enough! ;0)  I joined my first knit a long, and it is a mystery shawl!  I have never participated in a mystery anything, and this pattern gives you two options to pick from for five weeks!  I am so excited to see where this shawl goes!  If you would like to make one too, go sign up and join in!  I have a bit knitted up but no picture yet.  I am not really a purple person, but I really like this combo of purple and dark gray and think it is going to work well.

Of course, in anticipation of my shawl project I made a new little project bag.  I follow Bonnie on Instagram, and she is always posting pictures of really fun patchwork boxy bags.  She put up a tutorial for how she she makes them, and I quickly dove into some precious Heather Ross scraps and made one. I showed my husband and explained I was going to be using it for my new knitting project.  "You made a project for your project?!?"  I think he got it! ;0)

I am also working on a sweater for Felicity.  I made one for Juliana back in September, and I promised to make one for her too.  She picked out the bright pink, and I decided to make a Kina.  We are having the warmest, driest winter ever, so it seemed silly to make her a long sleeve sweater.  

This hasn't been a week for reading unless you are interested in dropping two sizes (like me! haha.), in which case you can check out this weight lifting book.  The only reading I have been doing. ;0)

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

gray droplets

Sharing my Gray Droplets shawl today.  Love how this shawl turned out overall.  It is a Christmas present for my grandma.  I just had some ends to weave in when I saw her, and I promised to finish and send it off to her. Eep.  Nothing like a not quite completed gift. ;0)  I love the texture and ruffles in this shawl.  I did find it a little tedious to knit towards the end because of the long, long seemingly endless rows. I did also find my edges were a bit tight, which I tried and tried to knit as loosely as I could.  So when you lay it out it puckers a bit.  However, when you drape it, you can't tell.

I have more notes on this shawl on my Ravelry.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas to New Year's

The week between Christmas and New Year's is such a deliciously different week.  I feel like there is so much prep and anticipation for Christmas.  Then it ARRIVES, and everyone is allowed to take a bit of a breath, relax, and enjoy.  There was a lot of sickness for us, but we made it through.  In some ways it forced us to slow down even more.  We did a lot of reading, crafting (Hello, Rainbow Loom!!  Where have you been all my life?), and board game playing.  New Year's Day is our anniversary.  It was a simple day- recovering from staying up too late the night before. ;0)  But we got to mass, took the kids out for a special lunch, and made some yummy Cornish game hens for dinner.  We will have a more elaborate celebration next week, I think.  2013 was a challenging year.  However, I am becoming more aware that challenges are not necessarily bad.  That through the difficulties one can change and grow in ways you never thought you could through the grace of God.  The God part is essential though.  I see Him working on me- on all of us- and I see hope, and I hold on ever tighter. 

I am not ready for this Christmas break to be over.  I could use one more week.  Only a couple more days until the routine and school and everything else starts all over again.  So, I am going to go sew while my kids play with neighbor kids outside and enjoy and dream  about all the blessings I have been given.


Friday, January 3, 2014

Yarn Along

I have been working on some mason jar cozies this past week.  I finished the shawl I showed last time.  It has a few ends to be weaved in, and I will take some pictures to share.  It was a lovely project, but I was glad to see it done.  Those looooonnng rows.  I needed something quick and fast, and these fit the bill perfectly!  This pattern comes with a "his and hers" versions.  I made the her version first with yarn leftover from Samantha's birthday sweater.  I love this color!  Then I grabbed some leftover yarn from a vest I made last January to make a "his", which has more of a herringbone effect.  This is a dk weight and seems to work just as well.  Just a little shorter and a tighter fit.  I bought some cuppows, and I can't wait to use these!  I think I am going to be doing some more leftover yarn digging and making some of these as gifts to have on hand.   I have been reading "No Name" by Wilkie Collins this break.  It is a fun read.  I have read (and enjoyed) both "Woman in White" and "The Moonstone", and this is shaping up to be just as good.

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