Monday, April 22, 2013

Kid Clothes Week: Day One

Roller Skate Dress: Day One

My first item for Kid's Clothes Week- a Roller Skate Dress!  This is a new pattern from Oliver + S.  I have seen so many popping up in their Flickr group and for good reason.  This is a quick sew, and it looks so cute!  

Roller Skate Dress: Day One

Not only that but I squeezed a size seven out of one yard of fabric!  Woot!  Nothing like a little creative placement. ;0)  I have had this fabric in my stash for about five years!  It is floral by Anna Griffin.  I have always loved it, and it was just waiting for the perfect project.  She said she looks like a garden in this dress. ;0)


There are just two pattern pieces, which makes it easy to cut out and put together.  I love that it is lined as it t makes it feel very sturdy.  The instructions were flawless.  I already have another one planned out!

Roller Skate Dress: Day One

Also, she is looking so grown up!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

-little projects-

Pink In Threes Cardigan and Dress

I made another In Threes sweater.  This time in pink and for another baby.  I love this shade of pink.   It is kind of dusky and not pink, pink!  There is neon everywhere right now, and I admit that I am just not a neon girl.  I have had the hardest time shopping for my kids this spring.  Everything is so...BRIGHT.  I don't mind it in bits and pieces, but well...where are my pretty pastels??

Pink In Threes Cardigan and Dress

I haven't been knitting as much lately because I have been dealing with horrible tendonitis.  I was working on a cute little baby dress in a fingering weight, and it just did me in.  I am half way done, and the dress is turning out so, so cute.  I don't know if I can ever work with fingering again though.  Thankfully, this is worsted weight, and so it didn't bother my hand and shoulder as much...whew.  I made another little peasant dress to go underneath.  I used a sweet little flower fabric from Hunky Dory that I have had in my stash for awhile.  Perfect for a little baby, yes?

Foldover Clutches

I also made some fun Foldover Clutches.  I have been wanting to make some of these for awhile.  The envelope clutch I made last year was starting to look a little dingy, so it was time for a little something new.  One for me and one for a gift.

Foldover Clutch

These are super simple, quick sews.  However, the touch of leather gives them that perfect touch.  Very satisfying! ;0)

Kid Clothes Week starts tomorrow.  I don't know if I will be productive as I was last fall, but fabrics and patterns are picked!  Fingers are crossed!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013








A birthday, Easter, and a First Communion.  Life is good and busy. And no, I didn't make anything for her First Communion.  I feel a little bad about that, but I just didn't have the energy.  However, she is wearing my wedding veil, and I gave her the same necklace my mom gave me on my First Communion.   She had a wonderful day, and we are so proud of our big girl.  Juliana made her first quilt (top) for Samantha for her birthday.  It is for Samantha's doll.  They were both pleased.  Also, it is so hard getting a picture of all four kids together.

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