Friday, October 8, 2010

Working on little things...

Having been sick with a horrible head cold...I admit to watching a lot of movies at night and not sewing. So, my Schoolhouse tunic is all cut out but not put together yet. I am hoping for some good sewing time at some point this weekend. I find clothes harder to work on in little chunks of time. I lose my focus...and my interest.

So, I present you with a growth chart! I made this awhile back for Juliana's birthday. Maybe it is a five year old thing, but she is absolutely obsessed with how big she is getting. She was making me measure her every day if not multiple times a day. In order to help satisfy her growth checking needs, I made her this. Now she can check herself! I did it "rainbow style" since that is the rage in Juliana-land. It was a pretty quick little project. I got the pattern from Stitch Magazine (I believe it is the Spring 2010 issue.)

The past few days have actually felt like fall. Hurray! So I whipped up these little kitchen towels (I bought these from Target and just embellished.) and trivet to make my kitchen reflect my excitement for cooler weather. ;0)


  1. cute! my girls love their growth chart, but a handmade one would be so much cooler!

  2. The growth chart is beautiful! Love the colors... the blues really stand out to me. Really lovely.

  3. I love the towels...did you just do them like burpg cloths where you sew a rectangle piece of fabric down themiddle?


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