Monday, November 15, 2010

The Girl is Three!

(Making a fishy face.)

My little Felicity is three!  She was so very excited about her birthday.  She has been anticipating it ever since Juliana's birthday, and finally her turn arrived!  She requested a fishy skirt for her birthday outfit.  I made her the Insa Skirt from the book "Sewing Clothes Kids Love".  I got this book back on my birthday.  It has lots of great patterns.  I think I was put off making anything from it because you have to add seam allowances, but it really wasn't that difficult.  (So don't let that deter you!)  I have never made a gored skirt before, and I love the way it falls.  I will definitely be making more variations of this. 

This girls loves horses.  So my mom made her a little cowgirl outfit similar to Jessie's from Toy Story.  Her favorite parts were definitely the boots and hat.  She didn't even want to go outside in case the boots got dirty!

She also got this wonderful peg doll set from her godmother for her birthday.  It is our family!  She loves that it is all of us.  The details on these little dolls are really amazing.  (My husband loves his chest hair.) My dear friend has recently opened a little Etsy shop for these sweet little dolls.  Go take a look: Maids in a Row!


  1. love the dress up clothes and those peg dolls are just adorable, my girls would love them! :)


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