Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Pillows and Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway!  

The winners are #111- TZel
#144- Briana Arlene!

I have sent you both an email!

Berns-  If you are reading this...go no further!  Not until after Christmas. ;0)

I finished my last Christmas present up the other day!  Yay!  (Well, I would also like to finish Josiah's quilt for Christmas, but I am not going to stress if it doesn't happen.  He is a forgiving baby. ;0p)  I got a bunch of French General scraps from my local quilt shop.  I really love a lot of their prints.  My brother just made his wife a window seat, and my mom made her a slip cover for the bench.  However, she still needed pillows, and I immediately thought of these scraps.   This first one is my favorite.  I cut some different sized sqaures and framed them.  I think just quilted it lightly around the squares.

For the other "main" pillow I made a patchwork pillow using the Summerhouse Pillows pattern.  I love how easy her method is, and I have made several of these.  I quilted this one to by just quilting along the sides of the squares.

I also made a couple of smaller pillows out of this fun Japanese linen blend by Lecien.  

 Here they are all together.  It has been rainy the past couple of days, so lighting has been bad.  I made two of the kitchen pillows but only had one form to fill it.  I think they all go nicely together though.  I love making pillows.  Such a satisfying way of jazzing things up.

I hope everyone is having a blessed Advent!  I finished my shopping last night!  No way I want to go to the stores this weekend.  Now I just have to wrap them all!


  1. Congratulations to the winners!!!

    Happy Holidays & Happy Stitching!!!


  2. Love the pillows, Meg. That Japanese linen is fantastic!

  3. so so cute! love the last shot with them all on the bench, adorable. and that kitchen print is so cool.

  4. Thanks, Meg, I love my pillows! And I promise I didn't read this blog post until after Christmas! (Though I almost did!)

  5. What fun pillows!


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