Monday, October 29, 2012

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I am *trying* to learn how to knit.  The past two falls I have said I was going to do it, but I never have.    This fall is going to be different.  Since I crochet and am left handed the books told me to try it continental style.  I worked a couple hours yesterday just practicing casting on and knitting and purling.  I got the hang of the knit stitch, but I am just not getting a "flow" with the purl stitch!  It is getting better, but I have been working on it all day!  I feel like an addict.  I put it down in frustration but then walk right back over to it and try again.  I can't help myself.  Youtube and have also been my constant companions today.

Sampler Progress

This past week I also worked quite a bit on my sampler.  Still in love with this project.  I am almost done with this last row, and then only two rows left!

Thank you for all the tips last week on my photos!  The consensus seemed to be to increase my aperture just a bit, and I have been playing around with different settings to see what I like.  This last photo I had the aperture at 2.8, which seemed to allow me to get more of the hoop in focus and blur mostly just the background.


  1. Yes, knitting can be quite addictive! I learned to knit when I was just little, but I've just started to learn to knit with a pattern and I'm hooked! I crochet too, but I don't knit continental style. Someone just showed me how and it's neat, but I find the purling continental challenging.
    Your sampler looks pretty!

  2. Hi Megan,

    I sometimes think of you when I'm knitting because I had read that you don't like to knit. I just learned about two years ago and I love it! The only thing I like better about crocheting is that if you make a mistake you just pull it out and start over...not so with knitting. Anyway, I love to check in on your blog and get inspired and keep up with your beautiful and growing family!
    God bless, Marcelle


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