Monday, October 8, 2012

-kcwc day one-

 Taking pictures of my girls together is one of the funniest things ever.  Goofs!

the pattern:

The Treasure Pocket Skirt from Little Girls, Big Style.  One of my favorite sewing books for my girls.  Simple, easy patterns with lots of basics.  I have made a number of things in this book.  Some I have blogged about and others I haven't.  If you have a little girl between 2-6, I would highly recommend it.

(Felicity was in high spirits. Don't know if you can tell.)
the fabric:

Little Apples by Aneela Hoey.  I actually picked this fabric up last October when I was at Sewing Summit.   Perfect fall themed fabric.

the sewing:

Easy.  The skirt is just two squares.  The hardest part is the ruffle.  Felicity's skirt (left) I made the pocket in the book.  For Juliana's (right) I made little folded over pockets.  I have a tutorial on how to make them in my Simple Reversible Skirt tutorial.  I usually make pretty full skirts for the girls.  Juliana really likes it, and thinks it is more grown up.  The book only goes up to size six, and Juliana is seven.  So I just looked at the proportions given in the book and sized hers up a little more.

Back tomorrow with some pants!


  1. These are both really cute
    (muttering under breath - I don't need another sewing book...!)

    1. Oh...haha! I understand! I have way, way too many!

  2. So cute! Your girls are adorable. Thanks for the book recommendation, another one to add to my Christmas list!


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