Friday, October 19, 2012

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KCWC Wrap Up

I had so much fun sewing for Kid Clothes Week!  I blogged every day except for the last day!  Sunday got away from me, but I did make a pair of Big Butt Baby Pants for Josiah (top left corner).  We don't cloth diaper currently, so they definitely are a bit baggy on a small disposable diapered bottom.  Rae suggests going down a size in the bottom part if you don't cloth diaper, so next time I make these I will definitely follow her advice.  Otherwise, super cute pattern that was easy and fun to put together.  He calls them his cuhr phunts (aka car pants).  I really appreciated this challenge because it got me sitting down to my machine on a more regular basis again.  I also stuck with easy and simple patterns because sometimes I just don't want to deal with a million pattern pieces, and I knew I would quit if I didn't do easy.

I took a break from sewing for the past few days, but last night I whipped up two pairs of bright yellow leggings for the girls.  I used Lil Blue Boo's leggings pattern.  I like this pattern, but I think it runs small.  I made the 7/8 for both girls, but they fit Felicity who is almost five better than they do Juliana (7). 

Sarah over at Amongst Lovely Things started a challenge to more regularly shoot in manual mode.  I love our DSLR, but I always shoot in auto.  I am determined to learn how to shoot in manual.  I took some practice shots of Sammy.  Some of these are blurry.  Bummer.  However, isn't she the cutest?  I could just squeeze and kiss her big chubby cheeks all day. (In fact, I usually do.)  She is already six months old!  Really, it has flown by.  Six months seems to be a magic time for our babies.  They seem to really become less fussy, and she is sleeping so much better at night.  She is my first baby to suck her thumb. and it so cute to see her big cheeks pudge around her tiny thumb.  She is a big fan of all her siblings and watches everything they do.  She has quite the fan club and is welcomed with great joy when she wakes up.

This has been a hard week, and I am so glad the weekend is here.  To celebrate I made these One Hour Cinnamon Rolls.  I followed the recipe except for the filling I used half white and half brown sugar.  Then I made a cream cheesing frosting because I *love* cream cheese frosting.  All I have to say  Make them.  You will not regret it.  Well, you might when you step on the scale.

I read a lot of really good mom related posts this week that touched my heart.  Looking for a little weekend reading?  Read these.


  1. Such cute sewing for your family Meg! Yes Sam is just the cutest!

  2. You were crazy productive last week! Very nice work (and cute kiddos)!

    1. Thank you, Kristin!! Productivity has gone way down. ;0)


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