Monday, October 1, 2012

-at last-

The Fussy Cut Bee quilt is complete!  I finished it sometime in August, but I was DONE when I was finally finished with it.  This quilt has been on my "to finish" list for so long, and it has been blogged about it a number of times.   So happy to cross it off that list! 

This quilt was the first time I ever put my own fabric bundle together, and I would now say these are very "Megan colors".  I requested improv log cabin blogs, and I got a fun variety of blocks.

I needed this quilt to be slightly bigger than a twin for Felicity's double bed on the bottom bunk, so I added a scrappy border. 

I quilted it with a stippling pattern.  So fast and easy and covers up a multitude of mistakes. ;0)

Here it is on Felicity's bed.  I was excited to be able to have a place to use this pillow too!  

I love how a picture can make something look so pretty and serene.  In reality, there were toys and stuff all over this room.   

Felicity likes the new quilt, but was really upset about her "guys".  She is one of those kids who sleeps with a thousand and one stuffed animals on her bed.  I don't know how she does it.  I let her put them all back on once I got my picture.  She sleeps on the tiny sliver of bed on the left... ;0)


  1. wow, this is so gorgeous! I love how different yet cohesive all the blocks you got are. And the border is great. Lucky girl! (and guys)

  2. This turned out wonderfully! No surprise about how great it is, but it sure is fun to see it all done. Congrats!

  3. I love it!! I'm sure she does too. My daughter sleeps with a ton of stuffed animals too - and she has a twin! LOL

  4. Lovely quilt :) Its actually agreat idea for a bee quilt.

  5. It's beautiful! Congratulations!

  6. This is beautiful! Congrats on finishing it. I love your fabric choices.

  7. So cute!! I love how the quilt turned out, Meg. Oh, and it must run in the family--Jude and Ceci must sleep with their billion "friends", and they never cease to amaze me that they know which little friend is missing!


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