Tuesday, December 6, 2011


That is what life has felt like the past week or so.  So much happened, and then I got sick, so rottenly sick.  Pregnancy always seems to make me so much more susceptible to catching things no matter how much I wash my hands and how careful I am.  

- My husband and I decided to get each other a new camera for our anniversary. Our first DSLR!  I love it so much.  Our anniversary isn't until New Year's but there are always great deals this time of the year, so we got it a little early.  I have no idea what I am doing, but I am excited to learn!  If you have any photography tips, books, websites, etc...please share!

I have been playing around quite a bit with it though and taking lots of  picture of the kiddos.




-We also received some sad news.  A friend from college passed away last week.  He had been in the ICU for 47 days and although we knew he was horribly ill, there was so much hope that he would pull through.  Thousands of people were praying for him.  Matt was a great guy.  He will be greatly missed.  May he rest in peace.

-Juliana got to be in our town's local parade through her Little Flowers Club.  She *loves* parades and was so excited.  She had a great time, but as we were driving home it was clear all of the waving and saying "Merry Christmas!" over and over had been a bigger responsibility than she anticipated. ;0p

-Somebody turned 32 last week (and it wasn't me!)  I found this recipe for a Chocolate Stout Cake, and it was amazing.  Perfect cake for the men in your life!  

- Late last week I got a call from my OB saying he wanted to refer us to a specialist because of different things that had shown up on the baby's ultrasound.  We knew about these things, but were told not to worry.  My OB was out of town at the time, so I really didn't worry too much.  However, when we got that call, I admit I felt scared.  We got to see the perinatologist the next day though.  He was very reassuring, and he thinks that everything has a good chance of turning out fine. I will be monitored more closely though, especially in the third trimester.  Please keep our little one in your prayers.

- We got our Christmas tree and finished off most of our decorating!

  I finished the table runner I started last week.  It is called the Simple Table Runner.  I had made it before, and I like the size and simplicity!

Instead of using ric rac though.  I used this cute little red pom pom trim in my stash.

Thanks for reading this rambling post!  Hope all your Christmas sewing is going well!!


  1. Hi, I've recommended this book to a few people, as a great guide to using a DSLR (I think you can buy it as a printed book now but I got the e-book version):
    only I have to warn you, before I got too far into it I realised I wanted a new lens that cost quite a bit, ahem! However it has been well worth the investment, especially while the kids are young and I want to capture every moment! I love the pictures you have taken already :)
    Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy, sounds like you are in good hands.
    - Jane

  2. Sorry for your stressful week and the loss of your friend. I'm keeping that baby of yours in my prayers- your children are beautiful.

  3. Love the table topper (I still wants some Countdown To Christmas); your kids are the sweetest and prayers for baby to be!

  4. Sounds like you've had a week filled with lots of ups and downs - I hope everything simmers down soon! I made that table runner pattern in Christmas fabrics a few years ago, too - your version is adorable! Looks like you're already getting some good mileage out of the new camera ;)

  5. Meg i wish you all the best with your little one and so sorry about your friend passing away.
    The tree looks great and good luck with your new camera

  6. Just found your blog and can't wait to read more! :)


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