Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking Back- 2011!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We still have toys scattered everywhere across the house, and we are taking things slow this week.  I am always impressed with people who can hop right back to "regular" life.  I am not one of those. ;0p  I  have a few things I finished this month that I still have yet to share, but I have been thinking a lot about this past year.  Jessica over at A Little Gray is hosting a "A Year in Sewing", and I thought I would get my post written before I get distracted! 

This year I  think my love of quilting and small patchwork definitely took over!  These are all the pillows, mug rugs, minis, and other small patchwork that I made this year!  My love for quilting has definitely grown this year, but I admit that I like quilting mostly on a small scale.  The basting and quilting of large quilts always makes my procrastinating nature kick in!

However, when going back through my Flickr I realized I actually completed 8 quilts!   Most of these were completed the first half of this year.

I definitely stretched my quilting skills more this year especially with joining in on the Kaleidoscope QA and the Summer Sampler QA.  These are the two at the top that I still have not finished.  Kaleidoscope blocks are tricky and stretchy and not friendly!  However, I am happy I stuck with it and finished them.  I also learned how to foundation paper piece through the Summer Sampler QA and loved it!  I really enjoyed making all of those blocks.  The bottom two are my Turning Twenty quilt for our bed and a block from my Fussy Cut Bee quilt.  My first goal of 2012 is finishing these four quilts!

Here are some of the bags, wallets, and pouches I made this year.  I love making bags, and I only wish my closet wasn't exploding already with all the bags I have made over the past few years or you would probably be seeing a lot more. ;0)

I also went through a clothing spree this spring.  I made a number of tops for myself and skirts and dresses for the girlies.  I conquered my fear of knits and fell in love with Lil Blue Boo's Pieced Tunic pattern.  I made four of them!   I am definitely not a seamstress though and have realized that I don't have much desire to make complicated and involved patterns. 

This year I participated in many, many swaps and two quilt-a-longs.  I got to be a part of Mug Rug Madness, and I hosted my first online "event", Finish It Up!  I even wrote a couple of tutorials.  I got to go to The Sewing Summit and meet lots of new sewing peeps.  My sewing has gone through a number of stages this year.  Over the summer I seriously felt a little bit too addicted to sewing, and it felt like an obsession.  This might sound silly to some, but I am sure some of you understand.  It didn't feel right.  However, getting pregnant definitely reversed that problem. ;0p  Now I feel the need to create a little schedule for myself so I can fit some more regular sewing in a bit more. 

I have a feeling 2012 will have a little less swapping, and I would really like to finish up the quilt tops I have going on, so I can start other quilts guilt free.  I am hoping to do a little more stash busting, and just try to make sure I am making things I love and not because I feel I have to!  My life is busy right now, and I want to make my sewing a fun, creative outlet.  

What about you?  Do you have big plans for the new year?  Do you feel the need for a change in your sewing habits or are you happy with where you are at?


  1. You were busy! I'm inspired. I wasn't busy sewing at all.

  2. So many beautiful things, Meg! I especially love the cathedral window-ish quilt. And I wish I could sew clothes like you do. : )

  3. Your summer sampler quilt turned out so great--what a lovely group of projects! Please link up your post at Craft Buds if you'd like--we're having a year-in-review party. :)

  4. You are so productive and creative! I love seeing your newest bag at the sew-ins!

  5. I'm like you, its hard to me to go back to normal life after christmas
    You had made beatiful things this year!!!

  6. The variety of sewing is amazing...I particularly admire that scalloped quilt with what looks like reclaimed vintage fabric (must find that post in your archives). I found you through the Craft Buds linky. I am based in Australia and, if you are curious, you can find me at We share a 'like' of Heather Ross and Aneela Hoey fabrics.
    Cheers, Fiona

  7. I found your Pinterest page and now realise that the quilt I admire is the 'Cathedral Windows' one...and not vintage...but gorgeous all the same. I am enjoying going through the archives of your blog. Found your great placemat tutorial.


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