Saturday, December 10, 2011


I finished Juliana's little hood earlier this week while laying sick on the couch!  It turned out so cute.  Juliana tried it on.  I told her she looked like a little elf, and she was sold.  She has worn it every day since.

The pattern by Bonita Patterns is mostly the crocodile stitch, a v stitch, and a half double crochet.  The crocodile stitch takes more time to complete, but definitely offers a unique effect.  I would certainly recommend the pattern.  She offers good instructions, and if you need even more visual help (like me), I found several tutorials for this specific stitch on Youtube.

I did make the mistake of taking the girls with me to pick out the  yarn for each of their hoods.  Juliana and I disagreed quite a bit about what color.  She preferred bright magenta pink with metallic sparkles.   I picked out a fun apple green. We compromised on the light pink.  Now Felicity watches me with great interest as I work on her blue one.


  1. You are so talented! This "hoodie" is just beautiful!

  2. Just adorable looks knit to me.

  3. The cuteness factor is off the charts! I think she looks lovely in pink!


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