Wednesday, November 30, 2011

-tote bag challenge!-

For The Sewing Summit we were given these awesome, HUGE bags full of swag.  They were just simple totes, but when we got home we were told that was on purpose.  They challenged us to remake our bags and make something unique as long as it was still a bag.  

 I went to my scrap basket and was going to do some "rainbowy" patchwork.  However, as I set my bag down I noticed the little 2.5" charm pack that had been part of our swag.  I had pulled it earlier for a different project, but I knew it was perfect for what I wanted to do!

So I embellished my bag with simple patchwork and a wonky star.  I backed the patchwork with some more canvas to make it extra sturdy since I knew a lot of stress would be put on the seams.  I wanted to use this bag for my more portable projects so I also cut the bag down and made it a little smaller by a few inches. 

 I decided to free motion stitch "Crafty Stuff" to add some more flair to the plain canvas.  I used some of the Aurifil thread that was also part of our swag! (Very serendipitous!)  It was a wool thread which I had no idea what to do with, but it was perfect for this use since it is a heavy, thick thread and makes the words stand out more.

I lined my bag with this fun starburst print.

For the back I just kept going with the patchwork.  I also took off the handles and replaced them with  these simple blue and pink patchwork ones!

I definitely enjoyed this challenge and now I have a fun project bag as well!  There is nothing like waiting until the last minute!  I have had this bag complete for almost a week and a half except for the handles.  The last day to enter was today, so I got my booty up to my machine and  finished it up! ;0)


  1. It looks great Meg! Go you. Sewing Pregnant is always hard. Love the embroidery.

  2. Love the bag. What a wonderful idea, that patchwork and star are so wonderful combined with canvas and embroidery. Very cool!

  3. well done Meg it looks great


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