Wednesday, November 16, 2011

-we have a four year old!-

Felicity turned four over the weekend!  She was so excited.  She has been counting down the days ever since Juliana was counting down the days to her birthday.  It has been a long wait, but finally she is four.  Now she is counting down to five. ;0) 

We had her birthday party the day before, and she has been looking at the pinatas at the grocery store for months picking out the "perfect" one.  She settled on a blue unicorn with pink and white hair.  She named it "Star Heart".  Poor Star Heart really got smashed to smithereens    

One of the things she has been asking for was a princess purse and a wallet.  Both of my girls are intrigued by how money works right now, and they like to pay the cashiers at store and get "change".  They think it is so awesome that they give them money, and then they get handed money back!

I didn't make the princess purse, but I had this awesome little mermaid/ castle Japanese fabric scrap that was the perfect size to make a wallet.  I used Keyka Lou's Zip Pocket Pouch pattern.  This is the tall version.  This size would work perfectly for a cell phone!

The only thing I did differently was to use a lightweight fusible fleece.  I like how it makes it soft but firm.  It was definitely a big hit with the recipient!

Keyka Lou is also offering all her patterns right now for $5 until November 27th!  All her patterns would make great Christmas gifts!


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