Monday, June 28, 2010

Boxie Bags and Baby Love

I admit...sewing has been hard to achieve lately since the baby has been born (as has blogging. ;0p) Felicity doesn't nap very often anymore and the baby likes to stay up until midnight.

I have been wanting to make a little bag to take to the gym with me, as I attempt to lose these extra baby pounds I seem to have. (What is up with that?!) I tried Indie House's tutorial, and it was super easy. Granted, you can see some seams on the inside, but who looks at the inside of their box bags? Not me. This only took me twenty minutes to make, so I made another.

The blue flower one is for a friend's birthday. I love both of these fabrics. These little moons from Far Far Away II are my favorite, I think, from Heather Ross's new line. I love all the different faces.

However, this is mostly what we do during the day. Hug and squeeze this little guy. We are all in love. Felicity's love can be a little dangerous, but he seems to be getting used to it.


  1. Meg these photos are SO cute! I can't wait to hug and squeeze and love him too! :)

  2. I absolutely adore his expressions in some of those shots - so cute! He looks almost scared!

  3. Love your little bags. I had a Japanese gal staying with me who made little pencil bags like that without a pattern. Not me. I just make quilts.

  4. And your little ones are adorable!

  5. aww. congrats on your newest abundance. love your blog, following you now. love the moons, i love hr..


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