Friday, June 4, 2010

Some Pillow Talk

Sewing has been slow around here. We had a sick little guy with a cold last week. Poor baby. I thought sleep might never happen again! This week we are back on the potty training wagon... aye yi yi.

However, over the past weekend I did start working on my pillow for my partner for the Pillow Talk Swap. I started out with the star above. I was using a pattern from Martha Stewart's new sewing book. I got this far and then was supposed to add some squares and triangles to make the pillow top. Well, try as I may it wasn't going to work. Why do Martha's instructions never seem to work? Is it just me? I looked online for tips, and the way other people put this block together made it clear that Martha's way really wasn't going to work. So I thought about appliqueing the star on, but it really huge..22 inches! I didn't really want to make a gigantic pillow. So, this idea was scrapped. Although, I am saving the star and think I want to make a wall hanging with it. The fabric is too pretty...

So, I moved on to a completely different idea. I was dead set on using Modern Meadow for this pillow, but it just wasn't feeling like my partner. Can you guess what this is? I still have to quilt the top and put it all together. I am still unsure of how I am going to quilt it.

I have been enjoying this swap so much I went a little crazy and joined two more: The Scrappy Pincushion Swap and The Mod Bento Block Swap. There is still time to join both of these, if you are interested!

I am sorry this blog has been so neglected of late, but I am hoping to post more and start doing more pattern reviews again of patterns that I carry in the shop like I did last summer. If anyone has one of the patterns I carry and wants to do a pattern review, I would love to have you guest blog! Just send me an email at mvansciver at gmail dot com! Also, please do check out the shop. A whole slew of new patterns have come in over the past week or so.

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