Monday, June 7, 2010

Lookie, lookie

Here is a peek at my sewing area. It all looks about the same as it did a week ago...except

Wait! Come closer...

This...this is different. Last week I was reading about Lucia's new machine, and I admit I was jealous. I have been eyeing this machine for a year, but it was always too expensive. I didn't realize that Janome had come out with the Horizon and that a lot of people with the 6600P were upgrading. So I thought I would take another peek at Craigslist and up popped this beauty at a great price! It has barely been used because the previous owner didn't like how it sat so high on her sewing table. She decided to get an uber fancy Babylock embroidery machine that she always wanted. Lucky for me!

Look at all these stitches! I admit I have been playing with it all weekend, and sneaking in for five minutes just to try out something else on this machine. So far I am impressed. One of the reasons I wanted this machine was how well it was reviewed by both garment sewers and quilters a like. My Kenmore was doing fine with the clothes I was making, but I found quilting painful. I took a quilting class last summer hoping that it would help, but really my machine just wasn't made to quilt. Free motion quilting was so stressful with all sorts of funky things going on. I was amazed when I practiced free motion quilting on the 6600. It felt so easy. I didn't know it could feel like that! Also, the knee lever and best of all....the automatic thread cutter. Genius.

Anyway, check out if you are on the market for a new machine. There are usually several reviews of all sorts of machines, and a lot of them are really descriptive of what people like and don't like about their sewing machine.


  1. i'm really happy for you....thank you for the little review.

    i'm also looking out for a machine best for quilting and is too expensive for still on market study..

  2. congrats!! sounds like you will be having a lot of fun! :)

  3. What a great Craigslist find! Wow! Congrats on your new "baby"! Have fun experimenting with all the options1

  4. Love your new machine! I'm redoing my sewing room, so I'm drawn lately to peoples sewing spaces. We have the same header for our blogs! :)

  5. Congrats! I bought this machine about 2 summers ago and LOVE it! My only wish was that I had a table for it to sit "in"...instead of on top of my grandmother's old treadle machine.


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