Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Pillow and a Pincushion

I have finished putting together my pillow for The Pillow Talk Swap. I admit I agonized over this too much, I think. I just don't like it anymore! Hopefully, my partner will, and she won't notice all the mistakes that I can't stop looking at. I used Oh Fransson's tutorial for the block, and it went together well. It wasn't as difficult as I thought, but it was time consuming. My triangles also stretched a bit. Any tips on how to stop that? I did have fun trying out different stitches for this pillow on my new machine. I added some piping to give it a little more of structured look. I really like the look of the piping contrasting with the white.

For the back of the pillow I used some Anna Maria Horner Good Folks that I have had in my stash for awhile. I really think it compliments the front of the pillow well. I was going to put in an invisible zipper, but got pillow burnout and just went with a simple envelope closure.

After I finished the pillow I decided to play with my scraps and make a "practice" pincushion for The Scrappy Pincushion swap. This was literally made only from scraps, and I like it so much I think I might just send this one of to my partner. I was inspired by these pincushions on Purl Bee, but I changed it up quite a bit. I left the edges ragged for a more "scrappy" look.


  1. I can't tell any mistakes from the pic...if I was your partner in this swap I'd be delighted!! It's so cute! :)

  2. Your pillow is beautiful; front and back Meg! You can send it to me!!

  3. it's such a great pillow... and pincushion! :)

  4. Your work is so pretty. I adore the frayed edges on the scrappy pincushion. It is so happy!

    Please drop by my blog if you would like to join in a give away. I would so enjoy having you join in.


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