Thursday, June 10, 2010

Swap Talk

I finished my blocks for the Mod Bento Block Swap! I used almost exclusively scraps for this project except for some of the Kona solids I used. I always love busting my scraps. You can see the other two sets here and here. I am thinking of making a table runner for the dresser in my sewing with this project. So far all the blocks everyone has made look great!

I also got my partner for the Scrappy Pincushion swap. I was thinking of using some of these Rural Jardin charms and some linen for this one. I have been really been inspired by these two French ladies recently.

Last but not least I received my pillow from The Pillow Talk swap from Mary on Lake Pulaski! Isn't it great? She got her hands on Sweetwater's new line, Pure, at quilt market and used it for my pillow. It goes perfectly in our living room, and I couldn't be more pleased. I am working away on my pillow for my partner and am almost finished. The closer I get to finishing the more nervous I get about whether my partner will like it or not, and if she will notice all the blunders I have made putting it together!


  1. The blocks look great!! Whoever receives them is going to love them.

  2. I need to send you the photos of my pillows with the covers on them you made! They look awesome. I'll try to do that soon. :)


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