Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yarn Along

And So Are You

I am joining in on Ginny's Yarn Along.  It was actually seeing all of her beautiful knitting that finally clinched it for me that I needed to learn.  I love all the lovely things she makes for her kids especially.  Now if only I didn't live in sunny California where winter is definitely the shortest season.

Right now I am working on a shawl that I hope to gift this Christmas.  Hope is the key word.  This pattern is And So Are You.  It is an easy pattern to memorize, but I have gotten to point in the shawl where every row seems so very, very long.  Why should that matter?  I don't know, but it does.  I guess I really do have the attention span of a gnat sometimes.  I am using Knit Picks Capretta yarn in Platinum.  It is a soft, barely gray color that I really like.  I love all things gray though.  I would probably choose some sort of gray or blue for all my projects if I could.  

Currently, the only thing I am consistently reading is this book for Advent, "Come, Lord Jesus". I found this book via Jessica's blog, and I am so glad that I did.  I was really looking for something inspiring for this Advent season, and this definitely hits the mark.  Her writing is uplifting and yet spurs you on to love a little more and try a little harder.

"Let these precious hours of Advent be given to wonder.  When we feel depressed by our faults, let us wonder that God can forgive us so much: let us be filled with wonder and praise that God goes on believing in us, hoping in us, and trusting that we will somehow yet realize his dream of us."

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