Monday, February 20, 2012

-turning twenty complete!-

Turning Twenty Bed Quilt

I finally finished my Turning Twenty quilt.  I finished it a couple of weeks ago, but I was waiting to try and finish up the hexie and crochet pillows to go with it before showing you all.  Then I realized that just wasn't going to be happening soon.  So here it is!

Turning Twenty Bed Quilt

This quilt has been planned for a number of years.  I was inspired by this one done up in Good Folks.  One of my most favorite lines ever.  However, I realized it was probably a little too bright of a line for my taste in home decorating.  Then Modern Meadow came out, and I fell in love.  I knew it was perfect for what I wanted.  Two years ago my lovely family gave me a whole fat quarter bundle!  Last summer I finally decided it was time.  I finished the quilt top rather easy!  However, I was undecided on how to quilt it.

Turning Twenty Bed Quilt

I wanted to send it to be long armed, but in the end decided just to do it myself.  It wasn't actually that bed!  I spent about four days quilting this for about two hours at a time, and only when I was quilting the middle did my arms ache. ;0)  For the back I used a king cotton flat sheet in light blue.  I also made some matching pillowcases.  I do still have my accent pillows to finish, so I sure you will be seeing this quilt again! ;0)

I haven't been sewing much for the past month, but this is the week that is all going to change.  I have been cleaning and organizing like a mad woman.  I have bought all of the girls' curriculum for next year for homeschooling.  (That was a lot of fun!  There are so many awesome books out there!  I love putting together things that I think will suit them and their particular needs.)  I have gone shopping for the kiddo's spring/summer wardrobe, which is really almost here in California.  So, this week I am giving myself some time off to delve into some projects.  I have a lot planned, and I know I won't get to it all.  It is fun to dream though, isn't it?

My list:

-baby quilt
-mini quilt for Fab Little Quilt Swap
- special project
-Art Student Tote
-hair bows
-snuggler for baby
-dress for Juliana
-case for my new Kindle Fire!

Let's see how much can get done!
Set up

I even moved everything down to the dining table, so that I can whip up snacks and put together lunch and still hop on the sewing machine in between!


  1. I love your quilt. This pattern lends itself very nicely to contemporary prints.

    Took me 7 tries to get words that I thought I could make out. You know you can turn this verification thing off. I hate the new one and may quit commenting because of it.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. It's really beautiful. :) The large scale fabrics shine in the turning 20 pattern, don't they? :)

  4. I LOVE your quilt. That is my current favorite fabric line and it looks great with the quilt design. BEAUTIFUL! I would love to make a quilt for our bed, but am terrified of quilting such a large one. Thanks for giving me hope that it can be done :)

  5. I effing LOVE your quilt! I am pretty sure I became a follower of your blog once I saw it in the making. Modern Meadow is my favourite collection & this just shows it off so beautifully.
    No one will complain when you show it again, with pillows!
    And really, it's almost like summer there? I had to read that twice. I'm all the way up here in Canada freezing my butt off & you are nice & warm AND have an awesome quilt, that just doesn't seem right! :P

  6. You did such a fabulous job!!! I thought you said you were going to straight line quilt inside the looks so great stippled! Gorgeous quilt, Meg!!!!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous quilt, Meg. I love it!

  8. Beautiful Quilt. It turned out wonderfully!


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