Tuesday, February 28, 2012

-sewing week-

Sewing week was a success for the most part!  Yay!  Having my machine downstairs amongst all the activity definitely helped.  I am going to keep it down here for another week to try and complete a few more projects.    

I made hairbows!

I made hair bows!  I made a couple of different ones.  This pink one seems to be the favorite.  The last time I tried making hair bows they were a complete flop.  I found this tutorial that uses hand sewing, and this one "clicked" for me.  

No Smile

Juliana kept smiling so hard in these pictures.  I was trying to get her to look a little more natural, so I told her not to smile for this one, and this is what I got.  I took a look at it and just busted out laughing.  


So we switched back to smiling.  Much better.

Kindle Cover

I made a simple little cover for my new Kindle Fire!  My sweet husband gave me one for Valentine's Day. I wanted one for my birthday because I know I am going to spending a lot more time sitting on the couch come April once this little baby is here.  I love it!

Kindle Cover

I used some of my treasured Far, Far Away II fabric.  I just measured around the Kindle and added some seam allowances.  Of course, the first time I sewed it together I had to completely rip it apart and use a smaller seam allowance.  


So, I moved on to baby things starting with this swaddler.  This is a pattern in Lotta Jansdotter's baby sewing book, but I found the pattern for free here.  We are big on swaddling over here, and I am sure this will get a lot of use.


I used some of Anna Maria Horner's flannel from Loulouthi line and an older Good Folks cotton fabric for the outside.

Tiny Baby Pants

These weren't on my list, but I became obsessed with the idea of making some little newborn pants.  I used the Britches and Bloomers pattern.  Super easy and sooo cute.  It is hard to tell just how tiny they are, and it is hard to imagine they could really fit anyone!  

Tiny Baby Pant V 2.0

Here is another pair made with a sweet little birdie fabric and some eyelet.

Tiny Little Newborn Peasant Dress

I also found this little peasant dress tutorial through Pinterest for a newborn.  Another quickie!  I sometimes forget how fast sewing can be.  I have gotten used to all the more complicated quilting patterns I have been working with lately!

So that is what I finished!  I have started baby girl's quilt and am almost finished with my mini.  I will be back later this week to show you all!


  1. Those baby pants are SO cute! I need to sew up a few pairs for our little guy on the way. I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that I am having a baby in just a few weeks! Seeing how adorable they are is pretty motivating, though!

    PS: Your pics on Mjandco's photo stream are adorable!
    Amanda aka acraftyfox

  2. Love the peasant top and little pants with pockets out of Sarah Jane's new fabric!

  3. Wow, woman....you have been busy! Everything is just darling. Good job!

  4. Great finishes Meg. And thanks for the swaddle link. I have a secret about a upcoming baby and am going to make one of those as soon as I get home. I have the same birdie fabric you used on the pants with the eyelet - so cute.
    Audrey loved her placemat and used it for every meal while she was here with use and loved finding all the things she recogizes. Thank you again.

  5. You are a star! Makes me feel like I need to get busy, haha! I love that swaddler, it's definitely on my list now to get done before my baby comes in April!

  6. Everything is fabulous! What a great swaddler! My kids loved being swaddled, but I always used Ultimate Swaddler blankets, so I'm eager to see this one in use. Who am I kidding, I can't wait to see those clothes in use, too. Yay!!!

  7. the swaddler is beautiful, I love the fabric! I'm currently looking for one for my son, was this pattern difficult to make? (unless you wished to donate this one to us? ;)


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