Saturday, June 18, 2011

52 Weeks:: Week 2

I almost forgot to do my entry for Week 2 of the List Challenge!  We were in Rome during Christmas of 2008, so here is a list of things I learned.

What I learned in Rome...

1. Have change.  I have never been scowled at so fiercely by cashiers then when in Rome.  It was explained to me that stores didn't go to the bank everyday, so they preferred exact change if possible.  How do you do that when you have cash fresh from the ATM? ;0)

2.  History, history, history surrounds you: in the buildings, in the streets, in the churches, in the people.  Ah-mazing. 

Blessed Anne Marie Tagli

3.  You can see incorruptibles.  They are just hanging out there in tiny churches.  People pass by them all the time and don't say anything.  Wow.

4.  Tiny little shots of espresso...very addicting.

5.  You walk almost everywhere.  This part I really liked.  It makes you feel so much more connected to your surroundings.  (However, my husband claims not to have liked carrying a heavy baby on his back.  Imagine that!)

St. Maria Trastavere

Beautiful statue of St. Cecilia.

6.  The art.  The paintings and statues and architecture.  So overwhelmingly beautiful.

7.  I like having one word for hi and goodbye! 

8.  We could only find a tiny Christmas tree!  This was Juliana's Christmas tree. She loved it.

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  1. I forgot you guys did this. Well done! Doing it before you had more than two kids was well-played.


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