Sunday, June 5, 2011

52 Weeks: Week 1

I found this list challenge over at On The Brink of Something Beautiful through Angela.  52 lists for 52 weeks!  I thought it was a fun challenge, and it didn't involve sewing!  (It is hard sometimes to always have to sew something in order to blog!)  I have always loved making lists since I was a kid.  I loved making lists of all the books I read over the summer, and I made schedules for my days and impressed all my friends' moms.  I still make lists: on my giant white board, stuck to my fridge, on my inspiration board, on the iPhone, and often on random receipts found in my purse.  I am thinking it would be fun to make a little notetaker for this challenge.  I have made several of them from Kathy's Notetaker pattern as gifts (and this tutorial looks really cute too!), but I have never made one for myself. 

Also, I must admit that my Sundays don't always look so productive.  Often they go more like: go to church, make breakfast for hungry, grumpy children, and then recover from previous two activities.  Luckily, the girls went to their Grams' house after church for a special breakfast and cousin playing. ;0p

Now I am off to start on my giant pot of chili!  What are you doing today?!


  1. I was wondering how in the world you did all that till I read that the children were at their Grandmother's house!

  2. so glad you joined!! great list and graphics!

  3. Wow, you were ambitious today! How did you do?

  4. This is a fun little idea. I so need to make more lists and get them outta my head.


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