Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some shirts and leggings and a little bit of pouting

There hasn't been much sewing going on of late seeing I got a cold and then another cold. Then the baby got a cold and has recently decided that sleep is a thing of the past. *sigh* Yesterday, however, I did get him to nap and the grumpy toddler too at the same time. Woot, woot.

I finished up the Ice Cream shirt versions that I have had cut out and half way done, and I whipped up some little leggings as well!

I used some David Walker Hopscotch for Juliana's. (She picked it out.) It really is a sweet little print, and she likes to look at what all the little girls are doing. I decided to leave the v off of the neckline after I saw this version by Liesel (which she did by accident!). I think it makes it a little sturdier for more day to day wearing.

I used some of my much beloved Heather Ross Far Far Away for Felicity's. I had to use it sometime, right? I used a sturdier quilting cotton for the yoke, and I am glad I did.

I also sewed for the first time with knits! I admit I have been too nervous to try them before and have always been kind of scared by all the different stretch requirements and so forth that I didn't know anything about. However, I got the Lil Leggings pattern from Lil Blue Boo because I have wanted to make some to go under all the dresses and skirts that my girls like to wear. I took a couple of my old t-shirts that were too big and made three pairs last night! I added a little stretch trim that I found in this etsy shop (She has some gorgeous trims!) to the bottoms of these two pairs that the girls think make them extra cool.

Things I have discovered:
knits aren't as scary as I thought
knits are much easier to use on a serger than wovens
knits, however, are harder to control and stretch a lot (who would have thought?)
it pays to pin, pin, pin

I used a size 5/6 for both pairs of leggings. The shirt I used for Felicity' s wasn't as stretchy and so they fit her better than Juliana. They are a little baggy but seeing as they are mostly going to be worn under things I think they will work.



  1. That is a cute legging pattern. I think I'll foist it on my MIL!

  2. The pictures are priceless and make me chuckle out loud!!!!

  3. You did a great job they look so cute.

  4. They look so adorable in the shirts and leggings. Lucky girls!

  5. so cute, love the shirt and the leggings, just made some of those for each of my girls. :)


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