Thursday, August 12, 2010

Castle Peeps Skirt

When I first saw Castle Peeps I knew Juliana would love it. She draws castles and princesses all. day. long. I literally have hundreds of sheets of papers covering my house filled with drawings. (It sometimes drives me a little crazy. Not the creative part....the paper all over my house part.)

I decided to use the Tea Party Apron Skirt pattern by Pink Fig for this skirt. I carry it in the shop if you are interested.

A little review of the pattern:

I have never used a Pink Fig pattern before, and I liked her style. Pretty tutorial-ish. I don't like how it is on a big piece of paper that opens up b/c it is just too big to really put anywhere, but a lot of paper patterns are like that. The steps were clear and easy to follow. However, she does assume that you know how to sew and are not a beginner. She doesn't explain things like gathering.

I didn't alter the pattern at all except to leave off the apron because well...I think it looks kind of silly. Plus, I in no way wanted to hide the Peeps of the Castle land! She also includes a little flower tutorial in the pattern too to jazz up a t-shirt or the apron, if you want to make one.

Do you see the baby in this picture? I just noticed him! (and the other little hand resting on his head. Poor little guy gets a lot of head pats.)

Juliana could not wait to wear this skirt, and fortunately the girls went to a tea party birthday party and got all dressed up. Felicity is wearing her Claire tie knot dress. It is funny how using the same fabric for the trims make them look they go together so well.


  1. Absolutely darling! The skirt is wonderful and she sure looks happy wearing it :)

  2. So darling! I love that line of fabric, too.

    Thanks for linking!



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