Thursday, April 1, 2010

For the kiddos

March was one of those months. Welcome April! I made this car seat canopy for the babe. I really liked this one, and I used this basic tutorial. However, she requires a yard of each. I had lots of leftover fabric from this quilt and wanted to use it up. Plus, I thought it was fitting for a car seat. So, I just cut 6 1/2" squares to make a patchwork version. I lined the back with linen, which still keeps it a light blanket but gives it a little more heft. Summers are so hot here. Think 100 degrees. I am hoping this will keep the sun off the little guy a little better and also away from prodding fingers. :0) I was going to recover our old infant seat, but decided to get a new one since the other one was going to expire at the end of the year. The FedEx man dropped it off, and Felicity was so excited. I took it out of the box, and she kept repeating, "Sanks Mama!", and she sat in it for the rest of the day reading books. Um...yeah...I don't think she is getting the new baby thing. :0)

I also finished up the girls' Claire Apron Knot dresses last week. These were going to be for Easter, but I admit I bought dresses for them. Christmas Eve was spent in a frenzy of sewing Felicity's dress, and I was dreading a repeat of that. What do you know I finished them a whole week and a half before Easter. Classic.

These dresses were a lot of fun to make. So easy with such great results. I have to say I think the Portabello Pixie Claire Pattern is one of the best patterns for little girls out there. It is so versatile. You can make four different styles, and it comes in a ton of sizes.

For both of the girls' dresses I used some Meadowsweet for the bodice and bottom. I used different accent fabrics for the trims and staps, and it is really interesting to see how much that changes the look of the whole dress. Juliana's is definitely more of an orange sherbert look, and Felicity's definitely has the pop of the pink. Both of the girls wore these dresses all day last Saturday, and not one picture of them in it! I blame it on pregnancy brain. :0)


  1. Awww, such sweet dresses. Well, I think every day could be a wonderful day for such a cute dress!

  2. I'm lovin' the fabrics you chose for both of the dresses and the car seat cover. They are so fun and cute...especially the strawberries. Great job!

  3. Your projects all look so nice - love the fabrics you put together for both the car seat cover and the dresses - so much fun! - Jennifer

  4. wow they look great! i LOVE the patchwork car seat cover.

  5. Your projects are GORGEOUS!!!


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