Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So this what I caught going on

...the other day between this little girl. (aka Dr. Juliana) and our little dog, Poppy. Blood pressure is looking a little high or "blue" as she put it.

How is the temp?

Lets take a look at those ears.

Definitely sick. She administers the magical medicine.

We adopted Poppy last month from our local animal shelter. I thought the girls would like her, but they luuuuu-rve her. I never knew an animal could bring such joy and fierce loyalty in such a short period. She is definitely work though. She thinks she can beat up the huge Boxers next door and likes to show how tough she is by barking constantly at them while they stare complacently at her through the fence. Yeah, I think not.


  1. I think I see a veterinarian in the making!

  2. We adopted a dog 3 years ago and she has the same behavior towards larger dogs! She is a riot, we enjoy her so much.

  3. HAHA! I used to do this to my poor animals all the time when I was little too


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