Friday, February 19, 2010

My Everything Wallet

It all started with me losing my driver's license. I didn't really use a wallet anymore. I was using my purse organizer that basically is a wallet and more. However, I kept taking it out and not putting it back in properly and somewhere, somehow it was just... gone. Kaput. Woe is me! The DMV here is just ridiculous. Hours and hours can be spent waiting to do a five minute transaction. So, I finally got my new one, and I knew I needed to try to keep it more secure. I started looking for the perfect wallet tutorial or pattern. I found the KF Everything Wallet on Etsy, and I loved how big it was and how much it could hold. The left side has a pocket for money and a zip pocket for change, middle for cards, and the right holds my checkbook.

I used some Brown Zebra Print from Jennifer Paganelli's Flower Power. It is such a fun print, but I have only used it for accent for other projects, so it was fun to make it front and center. The middle is a fat quarter I got at our local quilt shop that didn't have the selvedge. I love the rainbow effect though. So I am happy with my new secure wallet, and the pattern was easy to follow. I didn't rip out anything! Yay.

It is also the beginning of Lent. So I have put myself on a fabric and pattern diet for the period of Lent. I just can't seem to resist buying new patterns and yummy fabric. I have a bazillion projects all ready to go, and I have to buy more? :0p Sometimes the crafting world is so overwhelming. I feel like there are so many neat patterns and fun free tutorials to try, and I want to do *all* of them. Here is what I have going on right now:

A quilt using this tutorial for a baby girl.
This embroidery to hang in the the girls' room.
I have the fabrics all lined up for the Claire Apron Knot Dress for Easter.
I have made one skirt for Felicity from "One Yard Wonders" and have two more to go.
I still need to baste and quilt Juliana's quilt.
I also want to put a backing of fabric on their bookcase with some lovely Darla (also from "One Yard Wonders").
I have a bunch of Authentic to make a quilt for the family room.
I bought some pretty Hope Valley fat quarters to make a Turning Twenty quilt for my bed.
I bought the Rollie Pollie pattern and some Anna Maria Horner to make for the girls' while they watch TV because they always sit on the floor.
I have material to make some kitchen curtains.

So on and so forth. I think I have enough projects just right there to last me the rest of the year! That is just *some* of them! I think I am crazy.


  1. Wow, I guess you don't have to worry about getting bored any time soon ;-)

    Great wallet. And I look forward to seeing that dress!

  2. i LOVE the wallet! the zebra print is so fun! there are some really GREAT projects there. i think thats the thing about being a crafter. you always have a few projects on the go and lots that you want to start : )


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