Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter Dresses

I loved the bubble skirt part of the new Miss Lily pattern by The Handmade Dress. I knew it would be perfect for the girls' Easter dresses. Samantha recommended using a non wrinkly fabric for the dress since it is a difficult dress to iron, so we picked out some seersucker material at Joann's. Juliana chose her bright orange floral, and I picked the polka dots for Felicity since I really love polka dots!

The pattern went together well and fast. If you are looking for a simple and easy dress, I would recommend this. I love the bubble skirt, and you don't have to hem it! Be careful with the sleeve and bodice part because they are very similar, and I mixed them up while sewing Juliana's. The only thing regarding fit is that I would say is that I think the bodice is a little big. I really do tie those ribbons in the back to make it a little more form fitting. Portabello Pixie's Claire pattern uses a similar peasant style top, and I think the fit is a little truer to size on that dress. Overall, I am super pleased to have completed two dresses in a weekend!

She doesn't want to hold my hand!

Okay...just me!

A little help from Daddy.

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