Tuesday, October 11, 2011

what a week!

Last week was such a crazy time.  At the beginning of the week my dad ended up in the hospital suddenly and unexpectedly.  He thought he had the stomach flu, and being a doctor himself did not want to go to the ER.  However, it turned out he had a severe kidney infection.  It took awhile for the antibiotics to kick in, and I had plans to go to the Sewing Summit.  However, I didn't want to leave while words like "kidney failure" were being thrown around.  However, Thursday he felt much better, and my parents said they still would like me to go.  He, however, is still in the hospital for severe leg pain on his left side.  So, please say a little prayer for him and the doctors to figure out what is going on.

I was so lucky to be able to attend The Sewing Summit though!  We flew out Thursday afternoon.  I can't remember the last time I flew without kids, and that by itself felt so luxurious.  No juggling of billions of snacks, toys, strollers, and car seats.  I got to fly out and room with Christy, who I know from our modern quilt guild.

The next morning I accidentally set my alarm for 7:30 PM instead of AM.  Whoops!  I startled out of bed, whipped on some clothes, and went to join in on the shop hop!  All the shops were great.  I found something at every store, and it was so much fun to share in all the excitement with people who are so crazy about fabric. ;0)

This is what I ended up with! I picked out some Little Apples for some skirts for the girls, some boy Children At Play (in case this new baby is a boy), and couple of other fun prints.

That night I joined in on the dinner held by Dana of Old Red Barn Co, who was super nice.  She gave us all these lovely little handmade wallets and super cute sewing machine necklaces.  Saturday was full of classes. I took Dana's blogging class the next day, and I loved her message of just being yourself and staying true to that.  Then I took Gertie's handstitching class.  I definitely learned a lot about different handstitches and found it helpful shown in person.  Gertie had her own little group of cute, vintage clothing sewers, and they were all so cute in their beautiful handmade clothes.  Then I took Susan's (of Freshly Picked) zipper class.  She showed us how to do zippered pouches.  Big Cartel was there filming her class, so I might even be on film. ;0)  The last class was mini quilts by Amanda of Ms. McPorkchop.  This girl was just as bubbly and fun as she seems, and I think she charmed the pants off everyone she met.  I definitely heard the words "mini quilt" from so many people after her class.

I participated in two swaps!  Kati hosted a Rainbow Charm Swap.  Don't they all look great?  I am thinking of using these for my rainbow obsessed daughter.  Any pattern ideas?!

I also participated in Kaelin's Fat Quarter Swap.  I am loving those old Amy Butler Charm fat quarters especially.

Sunday we had two more classes.  Vanessa of V and Co. had a fun photography class.  She taught us all how to lose two inches from our thighs.  Who knew what a little butt lift could do?!?  Then I took Erin's low key home decor panel, where everyone got to join in and give ideas on how to incorporate their sewing into their homes.  

Overall, the whole weekend was a wonderful experience.  Amy and Erin clearly put so much work into this all, and they should be so proud of themselves for hosting such a great event.  We got HUGE swag bags full of fabric, patterns, batting, and more.  I met sooooo many nice and inspiring people.  I admit I felt like a shy little school girl around some people.  I got to meet so many people who have been my swap partner in swaps, and someone who is my swap partner for the current round of the Pillow Talk Swap (although she doesn't know it yet. ;0p), and so many people whose blogs I have been following.  

It was lovely meeting all of you!!!!!!

P.S.  I slept for 12 straight hours last night!!  Was anyone else as exhausted as I was?!  My husband was impressed.



  1. Great recap Meg! It was so fun meeting you, I hope you go next year too! :) I will be praying for your dad.

  2. what a great time Meg i am glad you went,and i will say a prayer for your dad.ox

  3. I was beat too! It was so great meeting you in person. And I've obviously been out of touch because I didn't know you were having another baby!! That's so exciting!

    prayers for your dad. xo

  4. If I had had a list of people I wanted to meet, than you would have been at the top. I couldn't believe it when I saw the picture you had taken and I realized we didn't "meet." I hope you had a great time, and congrats on the baby! I hope your dad is feeling better.

  5. Wish I could have been there and congratulated you in person. It sounds like everyone really enjoyed the weekend.
    A little prayer for your Dad.

  6. I'm glad you had a great time, Meg :) I hope your dad is feeling better.

  7. Meg, looks like you had a great time. I am so glad you got to go! I will make sure to keep your dad in my prayers.

  8. What fun, Meg! I wish I could have gone! Thinking about you and your dad. I hope he's feeling better. :)

  9. Wasn't it such a great weekend? It was wonderful meeting you, I wish we could have hung out more! I hope your dad is doing better. : )

  10. Sorry to hear about your dad. hope he gets better soon!

  11. haha the butt lift! :) Glad you had a great time at the Summit too!!

  12. It was fun going for the extra shopping trip on Saturday night!! Glad I got the chance to meet you!


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