Thursday, November 15, 2012

-little bits-

Felicity is 5!

My Felicity turned five this week.  She has been waiting for this day ever since her big sister's birthday, and finally it came!  She was so happy and pleased as punch with all her gifts.

Candle Blowing

  One of the best things about having a number of kids is getting to see how different they all are.  She is a very sweet and easy going child (most of the time).  This is so nice since *cough* I have two other children who are not so easy going.  Klutz is her middle name though.  She trips and falls all the time.  She has broken one of our kitchen chairs trying to smell muffins.  The band aid box is needed weekly if not daily.  However, she has such a kind, gentle heart, and I am so proud of my big girl.


She received the coveted American Girl doll who looks like her.  She named her Isabella.

Fun mail!  Fabric for the girls' Christmas dresses. @aneelahoey style.  I will have to get some more, but i am thinking of using this yarn for Millwater. @fussycut

I am also starting to plan for my Christmas crafting.  I bought some Cherry Christmas and some red polka dots to make some Christmas dresses for the girls.

My first knit project. The cowl is growing!! Yay!

I have also started my first knitting project!  I am making Millwater (per Angela's recommendation!).  I am having so much fun making it! It is guaranteed that this time of year I start craving some yarn projects, but this time I am learning to knit!  This has opened up all sorts of possibilities, and I have become obsessed with Ravelry!  If you knit or crochet, come be friends with me over there!!

Also, I finished my Winterwoods Sampler!  I love it!  I want to get it framed before sharing it with you all first though!


  1. Omigosh she is so cute. Happy birthday, Felicity!

  2. Your daughter is beautiful...seeing the bday pictures brings back lots of fond memories of my own daughter. Your cable is beautiful! Isn't it fun? And Rowan is my favorite yarn.


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