Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Juliana and her new lunch box

She turned seven last week!  Sometimes it really does catch me by surprise that she isn't my little toddler anymore.  She is growing up to be such a sweet, lovely girl.  I just want to hold on tight and bottle up her eagerness and zest for life.

I made her the bento box carrier in "Little Things to Sew".  She loves pouring over that book and has been asking me to make her this for months.  I used a Japanese fabric with Princess and the Frog that I got over the summer at Super Buzzy.

Bento Box Carrier- Inside

I think the reason she loved it so much was because of the inside.  She loved the little appliqued plate and utensils.  So, of course, I made sure to include that.  

Bento Box Carrier

This is definitely a project I would never have picked one my own.  However, it really wasn't hard, and I got it done over a few nights.  It was my first time making cut out handles, and they are easy!  Now I want to make more things with cut out handles. ;0) I love when you discover that something that looks intimidating really isn't.  Plus, when she opened it she was delighted and thanked me over and over.  So. worth. it.

Minnie Mouse

We took the two older girls to Disneyland to celebrate, and they had a wonderful time!  It was their first time, and I think they were the perfect age.


They loved the rides and other attractions, but all they really cared about was meeting the characters from their favorite movies.  We got all their autographs and pictures with each one, and we have plans to assemble a little book.

Best picture

My favorite picture of the whole trip.  

We were waiting in line to see Minnie,  and Felicity saw this little girl.  She went over, and they started discussing and comparing which princesses they had met.  

The face!  The crossed legs!  Gah!  I can't help but giggle.  Clearly, this was quite a serious venture we were on.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my dear, dear girl!


  1. Happy Birthday, Julianna!!! The lunchbag looks great! I didn't realize you went to Disneyland with just the big girls; too fun!!

    1. Yes! So glad we didn't take the littles. A little too crazy even for me.

  2. Beautiful Jen. Brings back fond memories of our daughter at Disneyland. Her favorite was Minnie, and that picture of her, to this day, is still one of my favorites. The lunch box is adorable!


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