Thursday, May 31, 2012

-needle and thread!-

needle and thREAD

I have been wanting to link up to Needle and thREAD for awhile, so I am excited it is finally happening this week!

Homeschooling is done and preschool is over for the year.  So this week has been so obligation free!  I have been sewing almost every day!  I wanted to make some new nightgowns for my girls because that is what they like best to wear at night. I decided to use the Sienna Dress pattern by Lil Blue Boo for the nightgowns.  However, I still had a dress cut out from a year ago that I still had not finished!  Shameful!  So before I let myself cut out the nightgowns, I finished the dress.  I meant for this to be Juliana's preschool graduation dress last year.  Their class mascot was Clifford the Big Red Dog.  I wanted to use an iron on transfer and make her a Clifford dress.  However, I botched it.  Once that happened I had no motivation to finish.  

So, I cut out a new front piece and appliqued a "J" on instead, and I was done in an hour!  The dress has a bit of the homemade look, but Juliana has declared it "soft and snuggly". (Also, she is wearing her daddy's sandals for the photo shoot.  I told her to go get her shoes on and she comes out wearing these.  Silly girl.)

After the dress was finished I got to tackle the nightgowns!  I found these super sweet knits over at Girl Charlee.  She has great prices and a nice selection!  These were super easy and quick. I used steam and seam for the hem, and it definitely made the hemming turn out nice and neat.

Juli got rainbow hearts.

 Felicity got pink hearts.

As far as reading goes, I have been slowly been making my way through Charlotte Collins.  One of those Jane Austen sequel books.  Not amazing but a fun little read, and was free on the Kindle.  I also downloaded Cloudy Jewel onto my Kindle after reading about it on Elizabeth's blog! She definitely has a kind of L.M. Montgomery feel to me, and I think these are perfect no thinking summer books. ;0)


  1. Sometimes it's completely appropriate to wear daddy's sandals. This, I believe, was one of those times :)

    Sweet girls, sweet dress, and sweet nightgowns!

  2. Cute!! I think I need a sewing with knits session with you. I am too scared to do anything with them!

  3. Beautiful girls.. Enjoy your summer with them!

  4. Darling girls, and I know they are loving their knits. Very cute!


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