Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wedding Madness

The past few days have been devoted to wedding madness. Our good friends got married yesterday, and Kurt was the best man and the girls the flower girls. Good times were had by all, and the happy couple did indeed look quite happy. Awhile back I mentioned that I was going to be using the Birthday Dress pattern by Oliver + S for flower girl dresses. Juliana had worn hers already to a previous wedding, but I wanted to wait to show pictures until I had both of them made. The procrastinator that I can be there was a little sewing all the way up until 45 minutes before the wedding! I used dupioni silk for both dresses and green ribbon for the tie. It was my first time using any type of silk, and it was tricky. It frayed so quickly. I was really happy to have a serger to finish those seams. I made some bolero jackets to go over the dresses that I thought turned out pretty cute, and I added some pretty lace to the bottom. I didn't iron the pleats all the way on these dresses to give them a bit of a flowier (is that a word?) look.

Flower Girl #1- Loved the whole thing- the dress, the flowers, the pretty bride, the dancing, and best of all---cake!

Flower Girl #2- A little bit more hesitant about the whole wedding thing. I think this was the only real picture she smiled for. Most of the others involved a bit (okay....A LOT) of crying. Flower Girl #1 had to do a bit of dragging down the aisle to get Flower Girl #2 to come with. Flower Girl #2 decided it was best just to close her eyes and pretend no one was looking.

Me, the flower girls, and the (handsome) best man

Flower Girl #1 and the beautiful bride


  1. These photos are terrific! I esp love the family photo! What a great looking family! The girls look darling in their matching dresses! And the bride is beautiful! I think both are girls will have some curl in their hair!

  2. Hi there,
    I came here by way of the Oliver+S flickr group. Your dresses look so beautiful! What wonderful photos.

    I agree, dupioni silk can be a total shreddy headache but the end result is divine. :)

    So happy to have found a fun new blog to read. I've bookmarked you and will be back!

  3. I almost LOL reading your post because it reminded me of myself! Except I was making my wedding dress and my groom's shirt up until the last minute. My dress was finished the night before with last minute alterations done wearing the dress. The groom's shirt was finished by my cousin/MOH 45 mins before the wedding! We barely had time to get ourselves ready!! It all turned out amazingly though, as I knew it would :-)

  4. Those dresses are really lovely, real wedding dresses. I bet they stole the show!

  5. I love your website. You are so good at what you do. The kids are just the cutest little models.


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