Friday, July 3, 2009

Shorts, etc.

I whipped up this little pair of shorts for Juliana. Since we have actually had some warm weather, I realized that Juliana doesn't really have any shorts. She is a skirt girl. I made these out of some denim and a little birdie fat quarter. I added a cuff on the bottom. One of my favorite ways of finishing an edge on pants, skirts, shorts...

I wanted to add pockets to them too, and I saw Rae's pleated pocket tutorial and fell in love. The tutorial was great and the pockets look good, and they looked fine until I turned the hem down on the top of the shorts and realized just how big they are on these little shorts. I think they are cute, but I think they are going to come off and be used on something else.

Tomorrow I will have extensive pattern review of The Little Picasso Pattern by Fig Tree Quilts. I am still looking for a couple of people to do some reviews of patterns I carry. If you currently own any of the patterns I carry and are interested in doing a review, please e-mail me!


  1. Such cute shorts! And that birdie fabric is adorable.

  2. Super cute shorts - I love them!!

  3. So cute! I agree though, you might need to scale down the pockets for those shorts. Unless you want her to be able to bring books back to the library in them... (:

    I've also been meaning to say "congrats" on your SMS serger feature! That was really fab and so fun!!!


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