Sunday, July 26, 2009

My sewing wanes...

We are house California! All very exciting, but I find myself staring at houses on the computer rather than sewing. I just can't help myself. *sheepish grin* However, I still have a few completed projects that I haven't posted about. Look for a review of Melly and Me's Fat Quarter Bag and Make It Perfect's Flirty Skirts pattern later this week!

I did make a couple of baby gifts this week. The little pants are for a new little baby boy. I used the Britches and Bloomers pattern. Quick and easy. I used some linen and Heather Ross dots. I realized I don't have much boy friendly fabric in my stash. It was between the dots annnnddd nothing else.

This little skirt is for a little baby girl. I based it off this pattern but I needed it smaller than what the pattern went to. So I just used a 1/4 yard and added a little zebra cuff instead of hemming it. It is a pretty simple pattern, and if you have made a simple girl's skirt before I am sure you can figure out how to make something similar. I used Flower Power for this skirt. I love Jennifer Paganelli. Nothing unfeminine about her style.

The little apron is reversible. I like that you can even take it off if you aren't in an apron styling mood either. ;0p


  1. The little apron is a great touch and I love the little boy pants, they are boyish without being bluw or green which can get boring. I have wanted the Britches and BLoomers pattern for ages, now I want it more!

  2. Oh, wow! Those are cute!

    What part of California are you looking at? I'm north of Sacramento.

  3. Love the pants! Saw them on Flickr today. Too cute!

  4. Ahh California. I am in the Southern part. Welcome in advance.

  5. Those little trousers are lovely. And that skirt is adorable. I love the idea of the little apron on it!

  6. superb, love how you put everything together!!! Thanks for posting in Sis Boom Sightings..xoxox Jennifer


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