Tuesday, August 9, 2011

::Starting Up Again::

I am a slow mover in general, but coming back from vacation I am an even slower mover (if that is possible). ;0p  I just get used to the easier pace of vacation, and there is so much to do when you come back...I don't want to face it!  Luckily, my husband is a much more motivated person than myself, and even vacuumed our crumb ridden van as soon as he unpacked it.  

The above picture is my favorite from the past week.  They were all playing doggie together.  Although, I don't know if Josiah realizes that is the game he is playing.  He just likes that the girls crawl around with him.  This little man is still not walking!  He absolutely refuses to.  If I hold his hands he lifts his feet off the ground so that I can't make him.  Stinker.  I really think he just likes me carrying him around and people fetching things for him.  

I did come back to this completely indulgent package of fabric.  This is Heirloom by Joel Dewberry.  I wasn't crazy about this line like I was about Modern Meadow when I first saw it, but I fell for this colorway.  It is so pretty and reminds me of citrus.  I am going back and forth between making this a Swoon Quilt or a Sparkling Cider- (I have always loved Amanda's version of this pattern.)

I also made myself a little ironing board table last night.  I found this idea on Oh Fransson, and it has been on my very, very long list of things to do.  However, with all the quilt block making I have been doing over the past month, it got bumped up the list.  Why did I wait so long?!  This is such an easy project that doesn't take more than fifteen minutes (as long as your staple gun doesn't jam, and you have to run to the store and buy a new one.) I can't tell you how excited I am about this little table.  No more jumping up and down every two minutes!  Let the laziness begin!


  1. Ohhhhh ... make the swoon quilt!!!! I love that pattern and like you, this was my favorite colorway for the Heirloom line. And that's such a cute table!

  2. I agree, make the swoon!! it would be soooooooo pretty in that heirloom colorway. I've been really tempted to purchase that one myself.

  3. Okay, I must make that table tomorrow! I have a bolt of that fabric in twill, it's perfect for the sewing room!

  4. I can see why that photo is your favorite vacation pic. LOVE it! I am in love with that Heirloom colorway, too! It's not a fabric that I would normally be drawn to, but those colors... I think the Sparkling Cider quilt would be gorgeous.

  5. I really love the sparkling cider pattern. : )


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