Monday, August 15, 2011

Finish it Up- The Finale!

1. Ruffle Clutch- Finished!
2. Inset Clutch- Finished!
3. Coaster Set- Finished!
4. Maxi Dress- Finished!
5. Sienna Dress
6. Swoon Mini Quilt- Finished!
7. Modern Meadow Quilt- Quilt Top Done!
 8. 9 Patch Quilt- Finished!
9. Pinwheel Blocks- Donated!
10. Fussy Cut Bee Blocks- Top in Progress
11. PJ Bottoms- Scrapped!
12. Men's Shirt-  Scrapped!

Out of my twelve projects I finished six, scrapped two, and donated another.  So I am left with three unfinished projects out of twelve! Not so bad!  I could have done better.  However, I am really pleased that my really old projects (over a year old) have all had decisions made about them.  It wasn't easy letting go and deciding that some of these projects just weren't worth holding on to.  Out of the three that are still around I made progress on all of them except the Sienna dress (I want to try freezer paper stenciling on this dress and can't settle on a design for it.)

In the meantime, I did add two extra quilts to my list- the Kaleidoscope quilt and the Summer Sample quilt.

So my current list now looks like this:

1. Fussy Cut Bee Blocks-  Top in Progress
2. Modern Meadow Quilt-  Waiting to be basted and quilted.
3. Sienna Dress
4. Kaleidoscope Quilt- Top in Progress
5. Summer Sampler- Blocks Finished. Deciding on sashing. 

My Favorite Finish- I am so excited that I finally finished my nine patch quilt.  It turned out so pretty, and it was my oldest project ever.  It feels so good not to see it hanging around in my "to finish" basket.

The Quickest Finish-  The little coaster set.  Why did it take me so long to just add a few stitches?  Plus, we use them everyday now!

My new goal is now not to have my list bigger than five!  Smaller would even be better, but I have to be realistic, right?  ;0)I think I will try to have a little list going on the side of my blog to help keep me on track. 

So how did your summer of finishing go?  Are you pleased with what you finished?  I was really amazed at some of the finishes you all had.  I really appreciate everyone who joined in with me for this challenge.  It was so much more fun to do it with other people.  Check out the Flickr pool to see some of the different projects!  


  1. Those are beautiful finished projects! My big projects didn't get done...or started ;) but, the little ones did! I'm going to keep going! I'll post as I finish along! Meg, thank you so much for having this summer challenge!

  2. thanks Meg for hosting this and having such a great idea. You got a lot done!!!!!

  3. Congrats, Meg! You accomplished a lot this summer. I love your nine patch :)


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