Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Sewing Area

My baby got his first haircut!  His curls were starting to get a little unruly, so he sat in a little fire engine and got a big boy haircut!  I just love this little guy.  I could eat him up.  Juliana, however, laments over his hair every time she looks at him.  She says she wants his curls back!

This little guy also makes my sewing time a whole lot shorter.  He is in to everything, and I mean everything.  My thread is stored in a drawer on my sewing cabinet, so I headed to Joann's to get a case for my thread because every time I sat down to sew, Josiah sat down to play with my thread.

I started organizing my thread, but then once you start organizing your thread you start to notice everything else that isn't organized.  So I got everything cleaned up and put away, and it felt so good!  My clean and presentable sewing area!  My sewing desk is now in our master bedroom as I had to give up my sewing room to Josiah.  I love my desk..  You can really expand it out or close it all up and not even know what it is.  I got mine here.  I often have the little cabinet pulled out underneath as well  for my serger when I am sewing clothes.  In the back there you can see my (scary) closet of fabric and patterns.  Believe don't want to go in there. ;0p


  1. what a cutie Meg he looks so grownup now with his hair cut.

  2. Aw, bless him - a very dapper haircut!

    Your desk/cabinet thing is amazing! So neat and organised - that's my idea of sewing heaven!

  3. Darling little one - love those first haircuts! Good luck with staying organized...constant process, isn't it?!

  4. what a handsome little man! sewing area looks good too. i can't wait to get an organized sewing space put together.


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