Monday, July 25, 2011

Going through photos...

and I found this one from a few months ago that we took one afternoon while cuddled on the couch.  I have been thinking a lot lately about my kids and how blessed I am to have them.  They are all so unique and have made me a better person.  I am so grateful to be their mother.  I have had so many friends lately asking for prayers for their children because of cancer, illness, or accidents that have happened.  It makes me want to squeeze my three little people so tight.  

I love Juliana's sweet face, Josiah's funny front teeth, and my little Felicity's goofy smile.

Give your kids a hug!



  1. I love this post, Meg. Felicity reminds me of my oldest... especially that grin :)

  2. lovely post Meg, beautiful pic.

  3. oh sweet! kids are simply the best. mine are older, but they are my pride and joy, for sure!

  4. What a beautiful photo! I love it!


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