Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mini Red Cross Quilt- Complete!

I completed my little Greek Cross quilt for the Doll Quilt Swap.  I am pleased with how it turned out, and I hope partner will be happy with it as well.  For the binding I used a graph paper fabric.  I was thinking of using red, but I thought it was going to be too bold and went for softer instead.   

When I first posted the top and asked for quilting suggestions, I had a number of people suggest hand quilting.  I really go excited by the idea and even went out and bought some Pearl thread.  However, I sat down to start one night, and I decided against it.  I just wasn't feeling it.  So I took some pretty variegated blue thread and machine quilted around the crosses and diamonds instead.  It is subtle, and I think suits the strong pattern.

I did, however, do some hand stitching around the label.  I used a note book paper fabric for the label and then stamped on my little message.  

Now I just have to wait for the mailing date!  *fingers crossed*


  1. absolutely stunning Meg

  2. looks amazing Meg! Good work!

  3. Darling quilt! Love the backing too AND your label!

  4. I love this, Meg. The graph paper fabric is so neat, and that label is awesome! I think you went the right way machine quilting. I think it looks wonderful.

  5. this is very, very beautiful, i just found it today on flickr and now i am seeing it here again - love!

  6. Your mini quilt is gorgeous!

  7. This is just fantastic. And I like your label. Where did you find stamps with numbers in them? I have stamps about that size but without numbers so it makes it hard to do dates.

    And thank you for the patterns. I got them in the mail late last week and look forward to making one of them this fall. My girls' pick is obviously the dog. :)

    Oh, one more thing... saw in your recent post that your son isn't walking yet. How old is he? My almost-18 month old (Tessa) isn't walking yet either and at times drives me nuts! (My other two walked at 10-ish months). Tessa also isn't eating 'big people' food either, so I continue to feed her baby food + she'll eat crunchy food like cheerios and crackers. What is it with this third kids??!? :)


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