Sunday, February 27, 2011

This Week

This past week...*whew*.  Let's just say I am glad it is the start of a new one!  I finished up my swap package for my swap partner in the Urban Home Goods swap.  I had this pinwheel block made up that I didn't know what to do with, but I was inspired by Jeni's patchwork zip pouch and decided to make a large zip pouch to go with the tote.  It is pretty large, but it would be perfect for embroidery hoops or other small projects.

Here is a look at the whole package!  Now this is when I declare that I am taking a swap break.  Haha!  I am going to try to not do any more swaps until May to give myself some time to work on my UFOs and work on some spring clothes for the girlies.  I figure if I say something on my blog it will help me stick to this resolution rather than giving way as soon as I see another fun swap starting! ;0)  

Angela's fabric diet challenge ended this week, and I am proud to say that I have gone eight whole weeks without purchasing a single piece of fabric.  I wish I had been as focused on all my unfinished projects, but I am seeing progress being made there as well.  

For example, I got the quilting done on my Authentic quilt and am getting ready to bind!  I think I bought the fabric for this quilt last February!   We had our first Bakersfield Modern Quilt Guild sew in yesterday! It was lots of fun yesterday at the sew in.  Terri has been sew fantastic (hardy-har!) getting this off the ground, and I know this is going to be a great group.  

Juliana requested a new skirt and picked out this fun pink fabric.  So, I am off to finish it up for her, while she enjoys strawberry pancakes at her Grams house.


  1. hardy har har !! LOL

    Can't wait to see that authentic quilt!

  2. Love the colors on the bag and zippered pouch!

  3. love that pouch! what a fun package you are sending

  4. I have several orphaned blocks. Now I have another way to use them! Love the fabrics you used on your block pouch and tote!

  5. YUM! really wonderful package!!


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